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        Easily integrate HVAC systems with the Crestron Home® OS

        Integration of complex HVAC systems, such as VRV/VRF and multi-split units, with the Crestron Home OS just got a lot easier and a lot smarter with CoolAutomation. CoolAutomation offers a unique combination of HVAC integration and cloud-based technologies to help you take your HVAC integration to a whole new level. They have also worked closely with Crestron in the development of BACnet® communications integration. Their guiding philosophy is to make HVAC integration simple and smarter, both for the user and installer.

        Smarter HVAC integration

        CoolAutomation solutions offer native integration with major HVAC manufacturers, including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Toshiba Carrier, and many others.

        CoolAutomation products supported in Crestron Home

        CoolMaster Net CoolMaster Universal VRF/VRV Integration bridge for up to 32 individual control zones. 
        Coolink Hub CoolMasterPro Universal VRF/VRV Integration bridge for up to 255 individual control zones.
        CoolinkBridge CoolLinkBridge For auxiliary HVAC zone control units, radiant heat zones, etc.
        CoolinkBridge CoolLinkHub and CoolPlugs For mini-splits and multi-split units.

        Learn More

        To find the perfect HVAC integration solution for you, contact CoolAutomation or go to