Basalte handmade multi-functional keypads and temperature controllers combine refined designer aesthetics with innovative technology. Now Crestron Connected® devices, they can be seamlessly integrated into Crestron smart home system designs to control lights, scenes, shades, temperature, and more.

        With their patented multi-touch functionality and touch-sensitive surfaces in high-grade finishes, Basalte keypads and temperature controllers give you the potential to take your system designs to a yet higher level of functionality, customization, and sophistication. The two-way Cresnet® communications network between Crestron systems and Basalte products provides advanced control possibilities including:

        Communicate and customize
        • Configure how and which commands are assigned to each touch button function
        LED backlight customization
        • Multicolor LED backlight can be used to show status, light up in the dark, start additional functions and control RGB lights
        Product line highlights
        • Patented multi-touch control of lights, scenes, temperature, and shades
        • Configurable button presses
        • Highly sensitive touch sensors allow quick navigation through most frequently used functions
        • Sophisticated European design
        • High-grade finishes including aluminum, bronze, glass, and leather
        • Integrated temperature sensor
        • Integrated multicolor LED backlight for visibility in the dark and status feedback
        • Crestron Connected for seamless interoperability
        • Cresnet wired communications


        Deseo offers a simple and innovative OLED user interface to control the HVAC system and lights in your clients’ homes. Thanks to its sophisticated design and high-quality finishes, Deseo nicely blends in every architectural style.


        The basic idea of the Sentido line is very simple, yet innovative: divide a square in two or four equal surfaces that each control different lights, scenes, shades or other functions. The entire surface is touch-sensitive, creating a very easy and unique means of control.


        Inspired by Italian design, the Enzo line combines retro with luxury. The fine rounded border is made of polished aluminum, while the inlay can be leather or glass. Enzo offers the same innovative functionality as Sentido, including an integrated multicolor LED backlight for visibility in the dark and status feedback.



        Auro is everything that a motion detector should be: small, fast, and almost invisible. It automatically turns the lights on when you enter a room. Use the integrated LED as a nightlight, and take advantage of the built-in temperature and light sensor for greater comfort. With its innovative flush design and white or black finish, Auro discreetly blends into any ceiling or wall.

        How to become a Basalte dealer

        Basalte products are available worldwide. If you’re interested in purchasing their Crestron Connected products, contact the Basalte headquarters at or call +32 9 385 78 38. If you’re located in North America, email Basalte at or call +1 646 461 2190.
        To learn more about Basalte with Crestron, visit