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        Basalte multifunctional keypads combine a luxury design with great usability and perfect Crestron Connected interoperability. Excite your clients with these unique design controls for lights, shades, HVAC and more.

        Handmade in Belgium, Basalte multi-touch keypads and sensors give you the potential to take your system designs to a yet higher level of functionality, customization, and sophistication. Cherry-pick from a comprehensive control portfolio with a uniform design language, using only high-grade finishes such as aluminum, bronze, brass, glass and even leather.

        The two-way Cresnet® communications network between Crestron systems and Basalte products provides advanced control possibilities including:

        Communicate and customize
        • Configure how and which commands are assigned to each touch button function

        LED backlight customization
        • Multicolor LED backlight can be used to show status, light up in the dark, start additional functions and control RGB lights

        Product line highlights
        • Patented multi-touch control of lights, scenes and shades
        • Configurable button presses
        • Highly sensitive touch sensors allow quick navigation through most frequently used functions
        • Sophisticated European & North-American designs
        • High-grade finishes including aluminum, bronze, glass, and leather
        • Integrated temperature sensor
        • Integrated multicolor LED backlight for visibility in the dark and status feedback
        • Crestron Connected for seamless interoperability
        • Cresnet wired communications


        Inspired by Fibonacci’s golden ratio, this new touch keypad brings natural beauty to the heart of your home.
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        Controlling Chopin feels a bit like playing the piano. Push the levers up or down to control everything at home.
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        Sentido is a multifunctional design keypad to control lights, shades and even music at the slightest touch.
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        Deseo is an intelligent touch-sensitive temperature control keypad to intuitively control your room climate and more.
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        Auro is a subtle motion sensor that automatically activates lights and more for your comfort.                  
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        How to become a Basalte dealer

        Basalte products are available worldwide. If you’re interested in purchasing their Crestron Connected products, contact the Basalte headquarters at or call +32 9 385 78 38. If you’re located in North America, email Basalte at or call +1 646 461 2190.
        To learn more about Basalte with Crestron, visit