People want to feel safe and secure in their homes. Crestron and 2N have partnered to help make that a reality, with easy integration of best-in-class 2N® video intercom door stations in Crestron smart homes.

        Secure communication at your door

        The latest firmware update to 2N video intercom door stations will make them Rava® SIP intercom and phone technology compliant. That means intuitive integration is now available with Crestron touch screens. You get a premium video intercom solution that seamlessly integrates with your electronic door locks.
        If you’ve deployed touch screens with Crestron Pyng® OS 2, the latest 2N firmware update will instantly recognize 2N video intercom door stations, so you can deploy them without the need for complex programming.


        Want to use custom programming?

        You can set up the 2N intercom to call all Crestron TSW-x60 and TSW-x70 series touch screens. They’ll ring when the 2N doorbell is pressed. With the latest 2N firmware, you can program the main button to call “rava:CRESTRON” and all Rava enabled Crestron touch screens with default settings on the same Subnet will start to ring. Video monitoring will be supported on up to 16 touch screens.

        Key features

        • Support for all 2N IP models
        • Available via TSW-x60 and TSW-x70 Series touch screens
        • Quick Actions to unlock third-party electronic door locks, turn on porch lights, open gates, and more
        • Intercom-integrated access control
        • Video monitoring on up to 16 touch screens in the home
        • Two-way intercom call
        • Mute while on call option
        • Excellent intelligibility, even in noisy environments
        • Wide-angle color camera with CCTV link
        • Highest durability on the market
        • Access via mobile utilizing the 2N mobile application (no access via the Crestron app)


        See how easy it is to add 2N systems to Crestron Pyng OS 2 projects

        See the Crestron and 2N partnership in action

        Supported 2N products

        2N IP Verso
        2N IP Solo
        2N IP Force
        2N IP Base  
        2N IP Vario
        2N IP Safety
        2N IP Uni
        2N IP Audio Kit
        2N IP Audio Kit Lite
        2N IP Video Kit


        Learn more

        Find our more technical information direct from 2N here. Or visit the Crestron OLH for integration information here.

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