Crestron + 22Miles
        Experience collaborative enterprise solutions through the integration of Crestron Electronics with 22Miles workplace and digital integrations

        The Crestron and 22Miles partnership presents advanced workplace management solutions, optimizing operational efficiency, space utilization, and elevating employee experiences. The synergy of Crestron's hardware with the 22Miles platform transforms how businesses streamline employee-facility interactions.

        For takeaway information about 22Miles and Crestron solutions, download the following solution flyers.

        22Miles+Crestron | 22Miles+Crestron TSS TSW

        Streamlining Agile Desks and Spaces

        Maximize efficiency with 22Miles' Content Management System (CMS) by seamlessly integrating with Crestron's enterprise-grade room scheduling panels and digital signage players. Instantly start meetings or reserve desks and huddle spaces through real-time checks on Crestron TSS panels, elevating collaboration and productivity.

        Extending Communications to Every Screen

        Enhance your workplace experience with 22Miles' CMS for personalized booking, check-ins, 3D maps, and tech support. Expand communications efforts to conference rooms and huddle spaces for updates and announcements. Simplify room and desk locating, seamlessly manage reservations with 22Miles-powered scheduling displays and book, extend, or cancel directly from them.

        Flexible API Integrations

        Enable automations with read/write capabilities for Microsoft 365® software including a Microsoft Outlook® room finder plug-in, Microsoft Exchange Server® and G Suite® software, access control, alerts, Microsoft Teams® software including MTR idle screen digital signage, WebEx® software, SSO/AD, IT reporting, & more. These integrations are seamlessly linked with Crestron devices.

        Crestron AirMedia Receiver

        Automatically display 22Miles digital signage when Airmedia® Receiver is not used for conference room presentations. Airmedia integration is on the present road m.ap with Crestron. Support for all receiver models with simple HTML integration and cross-publishing capabilities through 22Miles web CMS.


        Streamline check-in with Crestron RFID via 22Miles room booking. Enhance security with Single-Sign-On/AD and security badge integrations. The 22Miles CMS facilitates quick check-in and employee-filtered controls on any Crestron TSS device.

        Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor

        Unlock facility insights with 22Miles. Optimize workspaces by tracking utilization, safety, cleaning, and more. Seamlessly integrate 22Miles CMS with Crestron occupancy sensors for dynamic wayfinding, room booking, and workspace condition highlights.

        Revolutionize your workspaces with Crestron and 22Miles

        When 22Miles’ robust CMS and Crestron Electronics unite, it elevates digital signage systems with seamless integrations, unmatched flexibility, streamlined backend tools, and much more. Start a conversation with our team and embark on the journey to upgrade your visual experiences today!