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        Two All-New DigitalMedia™ Transmitters Enable Long Distance Transmission of HDCP 2.2 Protected 4K Content

        Jan 06, 2016

        Two All-New DigitalMedia™ Transmitters Enable Long Distance Transmission of HDCP 2.2 Protected 4K Content

        Provide versatile multimedia interface for computers and 4K video sources for classrooms and meeting rooms; extends lineup of HDCP 2.2 compliant DM® products

        Rockleigh, NJ, January 6, 2016 – Crestron today announced it is now shipping its all-new 4K DigitalMedia™ Transmitter 202 (DM-TX-4K-202-C) and 4K DigitalMedia Transmitter 302 (DM-TX-4K-302-C) which transmit 4K and HD AV signals long distance to a room display, DM® switcher, or DigitalMedia Presentation System®. Both products function as transmitters and 2X1 and 3X1 switchers, respectively, and are ideal solutions for classrooms and meeting rooms.

        Multimedia and AV interface

        Both the DM-TX-4K-202-C and DM-TX-4K-302-C provide two independent 4K HDMI® inputs to connect to mobile devices, computers, and AV sources with resolutions up to UHD and DCI 4K. The DM-TX-4K-302-C adds VGA and analog audio inputs. All inputs feature auto-detection for plug-and-play simplicity, and can be configured to switch automatically or be controlled through a Crestron control system.

        Fully HDBaseT® compatible

        DM remains the only end-to-end system certified by the HDBaseT Alliance. The DM-TX-4K-202-C and DM-TX-4K-302-C include a fully HDBaseT compatible DM output for long-distance transmission and direct connection to an HDBaseT certified display device. An HDMI® output is provided for pass-through of the selected source to feed a local display, monitor, or sound system.

        End-to-end support for HDCP 2.2

        “To combat piracy, Hollywood Studios successfully lobbied for new Digital Rights Management. As a result, HDCP 2.2 was adopted,” said Rob Carter, Senior Product Manager, DigitalMedia.

        “However, currently installed systems won’t transmit HDCP 2.2 protected content. The solution isn’t merely a firmware update. New hardware is required. The good news is, once again, we’ve anticipated potential disruptions to your AV systems, and Crestron DigitalMedia is ahead of the curve and setting the digital standard.”

        With shipment of the DM-TX-4K-202-C and DM-TX-4K-302-C, Crestron now offers the industry’s only end-to-end support for HDCP 2.2.

        “HDCP 2.2 is here, and Crestron has what integrators need to deliver fully compliant 4K distribution solutions right now,” added Carter. “DM chassis, cables, room boxes, and receivers are already HDCP 2.2 compliant, so you never have to worry about Digital Rights Management or distributing copy protected 4K content

        Need control too?

        The DM-TX-4K-202-C and DM-TX-4K-302-C include RS-232, IR and Ethernet control ports so you can program control of devices connected to them.

        USB signal extension

        With both host and device ports built in, the DM-TX-4K-202-C and DM-TX-4K-302-C can be used as a versatile USB keyboard/mouse extender. This allows a computer (or other USB HID-compliant host) to be connected to them and controlled remotely by a USB HID keyboard and/or mouse located elsewhere. Alternatively, you can connect the keyboard/mouse locally and use it to control a remote computer.

        Versatile installation

        Thanks to their low-profile, surface-mountable design, the DM-TX-4K-202-C and DM-TX-4K-302-C can be installed discreetly underneath a conference table, inside a lectern or equipment rack, or at virtually any other location in a boardroom, classroom, auditorium, or home.

        Learn more

        Visit the DM-TX-4K-202-C and 4K DigitalMedia Transmitter 302 DM-TX-4K-302-C product pages for more information including specifications, photos, pricing, and accessories.

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