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        Multi-room Audio Headlines Groundbreaking New Features in the Crestron Pyng™ App

        Apr 09, 2015

        Multi-room Audio Headlines Groundbreaking  New Features in the Crestron Pyng™ App

        App now enables set up and control of audio distribution systems and touch screens right from iPad; dynamic learning feature makes smart homes even smarter

        Crestron announces today the latest features of the Crestron Pyng app. Now, in addition to lightning fast deployment of lights, shades, and complete Crestron home automation, integrators can set up and control whole home audio distribution systems and TSW touch screens right from the iPad®. Plus, the app now makes smart homes even smarter by learning how the home is actually used. The data is collected in the cloud and graphically displayed on the iPad app.

        Whole Home Audio
        The new version of the Pyng app makes it easy to set up audio distribution to every room of the house. Homeowners can enjoy popular streaming services, including Spotify®, PANDORA®, and Rhapsody® wirelessly via AirPlay®. In addition, they can play all of their iTunes® music and personal digital music libraries wirelessly or through USB.

        Crestron now gives dealers unparalleled flexibility to offer whole home audio systems that require no advanced programming. The Pyng app now pairs instantly with a range of Crestron multiroom audio solutions, including:

        • C2N-AMP-6X100 — 6 room +2 audio system with 12 inputs

        • Sonnex® — multiroom audio system for up to 72 rooms at 140 Watts per channel

        • CEN-NSP-1 — Network stream player for Apple® devices

        • Crestron Tuner Cards — Internet, satellite, and AM/FM radio options

        The following components will be available soon with Pyng:

        To ensure high-fidelity performance in every room, Crestron offers a full range of high performance speakers for every system and budget.

        Touch screen integration
        The Pyng app now runs directly on Crestron TSW-552/752/1052 touch screens as soon as they are connected to the network, eliminating the need for a laptop to setup user interfaces. When custom interfaces are preferred, Crestron Smart Graphics™ enables integrators to quickly add Pyng controls into designs for touch screens, Android™ devices, iPhone®, and iPad while maintaining the theme of the rest of custom projects.

        The ultimate learning system
        Pyng now makes your smart home even smarter by learning how the home is actually used. By identifying trends and understanding how different rooms are used, when they are used, and how long each day, adjustments can be made to save energy and money. The cloud-based service collects data and then graphically displays the information on the iPad. Spikes in usage, can easily be seen. For example, lights may be left on in the basement during the day when no one is home, or after the housekeeper leaves. Inexpensive occupancy sensor could be added to significantly reduce waste. Now, that’s smart!

        The Crestron Pyng app is available on the App Store. Integrators and homeowners currently using Crestron Pyng, have all the new features through automatic app updates.

        Learn more about Crestron Pyng at

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