DM® 3.0 Establishes Core Standards for the Enterprise

        Jun 17, 2015

        DM® 3.0 Establishes Core Standards for the Enterprise

        Adhering to DM 3.0 provides the foundation for a Crestron Certified Design, the only single-platform, validated, and scalable solution completely managed and maintained on the network

        More than a decade ago, Crestron laid the foundation for DigitalMedia™, the AV distribution technology that would go on to transform the industry. Now, the company is doing it again, with the establishment of DM® 3.0, the new standard for the enterprise. Crestron is introducing DM 3.0 at booth 2801 at InfoComm15 in Orlando, June 17 – 19.

        AV moves to the managed network
        Now that AV is digital, and more often going on the network, IT managers are taking responsibility for those systems. “The days of traditional multiple-platform AV systems are over. Now, your customers want to deploy, manage, and maintain every device in every room on a standardized, managed AV network,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron CTO.

        To deploy digital AV on the network requires a set of core technologies to ensure standardized implementation, a consistent user experience, maximum uptime, and visibility to every device in every room across the enterprise. Crestron created the DM 3.0 standard to establish these requirements, and then Crestron Certified Design systems, which adhere to them:

        • Uncompressed bit-for-bit 4K/60 distribution and scaling
        • Streaming AV – leverage the IT infrastructure to deliver content anywhere on the network
        • Centralized enterprise-class monitoring and management
        • End-to-end scalable solutions on a single, validated platform

        Multiple-platform means multiple problems
        “Only an end-to-end single-platform solution is highly repeatable and scalable to hundreds or thousands of rooms across an organization,” said Bargetzi. “Crestron Certified Designs are engineered to work together and ensure reliability, ease-of-use, and total visibility and management on the network. When you introduce an outside product, you break the data chain. It makes digital video distribution unreliable and makes enterprise management impossible,”

        Single-platform eliminates “blind spots”
        Standardized implementation on a single, scalable, and validated IP-based platform ensures a consistent user experience, and full visibility to every device in every room on the managed AV network. Crestron Certified Designs enable monitoring at every level throughout the enterprise so managers can anticipate issues before they become failures.

        “Effective management is about maximizing productivity. It’s about using technology to solve real business challenges and increasing workflow,” according to Bargetzi. “That’s what clients want, and that’s what DM 3.0 and Certified Design is all about. It’s not a box.”

        Learn more
        For more information on DM 3.0, the enterprise standard, visit Crestron booth 2801 at InfoComm15 in Orlando, June 17 – 19.

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