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        Crestron Puts the Cloud to Work for Dealers On Every Crestron System

        Mar 17, 2015

        Crestron Puts the Cloud to Work for Dealers  On Every Crestron System

        MyCrestron Residential Monitoring Service expands to include 3-Series® system integration with the cloud

        Crestron empowers dealers to harness the unlimited power of the cloud. Now all 3-Series® and Crestron Pyng™ control systems can be integrated with the MyCrestron cloud to drive Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) streams, optimize dealer resources, and strengthen customer relationships.

        “With, dealers can take their home automation systems and services to the next level,” said Glen Marianko, Technology Manager at Crestron. “The platform provides dealers with the system data they need, as well as customizable tools, to help ensure exceptional customer experiences. And as we continue to unlock the potential of the cloud, we will be adding even more features and support enhancements to myCrestron.”

        Residential Monitoring Service
        The new MyCrestron Residential Monitoring Service enables dealers to centrally monitor and manage home systems with ease, so issues are identified and resolved in record time and customers remain happier than ever. Each dealer’s systems are displayed on an online dashboard to provide a comprehensive status update at a single glance. From there, dealers can quickly drill down to the system-level and device-level event logs that Creston systems automatically send to the cloud. Crestron True Blue Support and dealer technicians, wherever they may be, can access log files to eliminate many troubleshooting truck rolls. "Crestron has done it again,” said Todd Puma, CEO of The Source Home Theater Installation & Design Corp. “Just when you thought Pyng couldn't get any easier they came out with Now I can keep up to date with all my customers via text no matter where I am. I get alerts before the customer contacts me and even better, I can fix it before they ever even know what happened."

        Instant notifications
        Dealers can set up SMS texts and/or email notifications for each system integrated with the MyCrestron Residential Monitoring Service. If any performance issues arise, the dealer support team will be alerted in real-time. Instant notifications allow dealers to minimize inconvenience to customers and avoid unnecessary service calls.

        Recurring Monthly Revenue
        Customers understand that system monitoring is a value-added service. They don’t want to worry about their systems—they just want everything to work. With the MyCrestron Residential Monitoring Service, dealers can offer complete peace of mind in exchange for a monthly fee, supporting viable new RMR streams. Using the Groups feature, dealers can set alerts and provide priority service for customers who pay to have their systems actively monitored; while maintaining reactive monitoring for their other customers.

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