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        Crestron Makes it Simple to Add Streaming to Any Room

        Dec 14, 2015

        Crestron Makes it Simple to Add Streaming to Any Room

        New H.264 Streaming Transmitter/Receiver and Receiver/Room Controller provide inexpensive way to stream HD content anywhere on the IP network and receive streams from anywhere on the network.

        Rockleigh, NJ, December 14, 2015 – Streaming is great for transmitting video long distance. But when you need switching within a room any delay is unacceptable. Fortunately, DM® can stream and distribute zero-latency, uncompressed video on the same platform. That gives you a tremendous advantage: you can choose the way video is transmitted on an input-by-input and output-by-output basis.

        It’s all about bandwidth

        Unlike DM, other manufacturers’ streaming-only solutions can’t stream uncompressed 2K or 4K video. They have to compress it. As a result, image quality suffers. The limiting factor in all this is network bandwidth.  

        Other streaming products on the market consume up to 880Mb/s. Because of the extremely high bandwidth requirements, the number of rooms to which you can stream at any one time is limited. This necessitates many network rules to manage the streams and the bandwidth.

        Streaming without limits

        DigitalMedia eliminates these problems. It streams high-quality H.264 video at around 10Mb/s out-of-the-box. Additionally, bandwidth consumption is controllable – up to 25 Mb/s for the absolute highest quality, down to less than 1 Mb/s for demanding long distance and mobile applications, where bandwidth is limited and/or very expensive. So, with DM, practically any network can handle unlimited streaming.

        In addition to our DM streaming input and output cards for our modular matrix switchers, we now offer the new Streaming Transmitter/Receiver (DM-TXRX-100-STR), and the HD Streaming Receiver & Room Controller 100 (DM-RMC-100-STR) room box receiver. Together, they provide very low-cost, low profile PoE solutions that add streaming to any space without the need of a switcher or control system in the room.

        Add streaming to any room

        Configurable as a standalone transmitter or receiver, the DM-TXRX-100-STR is a compact H.264 streaming encoder/decoder designed to stream high-definition content anywhere on the IP network and receive streaming content from anywhere on the network. It’s perfect for collaboration between offices, or even impromptu video conferencing.

        The DM-TXRX-100-STR can be integrated with a DMPS3 Series DigitalMedia Presentation System, such as the DMPS3-4K150-C, a 4K 8X1 switcher (HD-MD8X1-4K) or (DM-MD8X1-4K-C), or one of the new low-cost DM transmitters coming soon, for an extremely versatile, low-cost presentation room solution.

        Need to stream to a display?

        The DM-RMC-100-STR is a simple, compact H.264 streaming room box receiver and display controller. It’s perfect for use in public spaces (e.g. lobbies, lounges, cafeterias), overflow rooms, or wherever there’s no content to distribute, but you want to display streams from the network. Its dynamic text and image overlay capabilities make it ideal for applications such as digital signage, or streaming content to multiple cities. It provides a perfect complement to any DM switcher with a streaming output, and can also be used to add streaming input capability to other switchers and devices.

        Integrator-friendly installation
        The DM-TXRX-100-STR and DM-RMC-100-STR provide installation versatility. Thanks to their low profile, surface-mountable design they can be installed discreetly behind a flat-panel display or ceiling mounted projector. You can even attach them directly to a single rack rail. The DM-TXRX-100-STR also fits conveniently beneath a tabletop, or inside a lectern or other furniture. All connections and LED indicators are conveniently positioned on the top and bottom, ensuring optimal access and visibility for a clean, serviceable installation.

        Learn more

        Visit the DM-TXRX-100-STR and DM-RMC-100-STR product pages for more information including specifications, photos, pricing, and accessories.

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