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        Crestron Now Shipping Beautiful and Robust TSR-302 Remote

        Oct 02, 2014

        Crestron Now Shipping Beautiful and Robust  TSR-302 Remote

        Stunning design and intuitive navigation takes handheld control to luxurious new level

        The TSR-302 handheld remote is shipping now. Slim, stylish, and elegant in every detail, the TSR-302 delivers all the features that homeowners love and nothing that gets in the way.

        “Dealers have been asking for something fresh and new in remote design and functionality, and the TSR-302 delivers in a big way,” said Sean Goldstein, Vice President of Marketing at Crestron. “We tested hundreds of layouts and configurations to come up with the perfect design, and we built it to withstand heavy use and getting tossed around the room constantly. This is by far our most beautiful and rugged remote ever.”

        The 2.8” capacitive touch screen with spectacular Smart Graphics™ technology makes it easy to control lights, shades, AV, and more with the tap of a finger. The silky-matte finish, perfectly balanced weight, and backlit buttons complete the high-end look and feel.

        TV viewing and navigation is more enjoyable thanks to the ergonomic layout with easy-find, soft-touch keys. Common buttons are intelligently designed for effortless, intuitive use. Shape, size, and spacing make it easy to locate buttons without even looking. Gently gliding a thumb across the buttons gets you right where you want to be.

        Employing Crestron Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology provides rock-solid long range communications. Instant-Waking® ensures constant connectivity and instant, reliable performance from anywhere. The built-in mic and speakers enable RAVA® intercom communications and customized voice commands such as “All Off” or “Movie Night.” Wi-Fi® connectivity supports audio/video streaming of security cameras.

        The TSR-302 comes with an inductive charging dock that ensures easy and consistent re-charging. There are no contact connections to align on the remote or the dock; just place the TSR-302 on the dock and it will always charge. The extra-long life Lithium Polymer battery delivers hundreds of charging cycles and the remote can sit on the dock for extended periods of time without degrading battery life. When the battery reaches the end of its useable life, homeowners can replace it with ease.

        More new remotes on the way
        The TSR-302 is part of the fresh new family of Crestron handheld remotes. The family also includes the HR-150 50-button remote and the HR-100 34-button remote, which will be available soon. Functional navigation and high-end styling is uniform across the family to ensure a consistent homeowner experience in every room.

        Learn more about the TSR-302.

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