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        Crestron Fusion® 10 Enterprise Building Management Software Offers “Analytics Your Way”

        Sep 24, 2014

        Crestron Fusion® 10 Enterprise Building Management Software Offers “Analytics Your Way”

        New and custom analytics reports, plus simpler installation, configuration, and operation highlight enhancements

        It just got much easier for IT, AV, and facilities managers to optimize workspaces and building operations. Crestron today announced the release of its new Crestron Fusion 10 enterprise building management software, which delivers an improved end-to-end experience, from faster installation and configuration to simpler management and control.

        Learn from history
        Crestron Fusion 10 provides new room utilization statistics and energy reports, including peak energy consumed in the space/room and energy category level, that make it easy to analyze historical usage data.

        Crestron Fusion 10 can even gather historical reporting for meetings that were set up before Crestron Fusion 10 was even installed. If meeting rooms were selected using popular calendar programs such as Microsoft® Exchange and Google Calendar™, the new Backfill functionality in Crestron Fusion 10 can retrieve data such as room utilization, top organizers, and meeting duration and then incorporate it in reports. You can immediately use this data to make decisions concerning new facilities or redesign of existing meeting spaces to meet the needs and usage patterns of knowledge workers.

        One world view
        Crestron Fusion 10 provides an integrated platform to create truly smart buildings that save energy and enhance worker productivity. From a centralized dashboard, Crestron Fusion 10 unifies and simplifies the way organizations control, monitor, and manage building technology, orchestrate building and AV automation, and control energy usage.

        “Crestron Fusion 10 gives you the analytics reports you need to acquire valuable insight into how your meeting rooms, facilities, and AV equipment are being used and how energy is being consumed,” said Glen Marianko, Technology Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Crestron. “The new reports are designed to help you plan for and cost-justify investments in the integrated building technologies that make your knowledge workers more productive and your business more profitable.”

        Analytics your way
        Crestron is even giving current Crestron Fusion customers the opportunity to submit their requests for custom reports that best meet the needs of their business at

        “Imagine having the ability to watch every room in your facility and record whatever information you want. That’s the power of Crestron Fusion 10,” said Marianko. “We’ve designed the reporting interface to enable new reports to be added at any time. We can custom-build reports that support whatever business decisions you need to make, using any data that Crestron Fusion 10 collects.”

        Maximizing energy savings
        The latest version of Fusion EM®, the energy management component of Crestron Fusion 10, includes an enhanced calendaring interface that enables facilities managers to pre-set building systems operation for weekends, holidays, and special events. With the enhanced Time Clock they can also manage the building calendar separate from the rules that operate the building. (Definitions for standard U.S. holidays are also now included.)

        Available in six new languages (Danish, Hebrew, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish), Fusion EM unifies all environmental systems on a single platform and provides valuable analytics and reporting of real-time and historical energy usage, enabling facilities managers to make intelligent and informed energy saving decisions. Learn more about Crestron Fusion 10 at our website.

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