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        Crestron DigitalMedia™ Integrates Streaming and Uncompressed HD Video Distribution on One Platform

        Jun 18, 2014

        Crestron DigitalMedia™ Integrates Streaming and Uncompressed HD Video Distribution on One Platform

        DM® streaming input and output cards eliminate limitations of streaming-only solutions

        Using the new DMC-STR Streaming Input Card in tandem with the Type 7 Streaming Output Card , DigitalMedia switchers can send and receive efficient H.264 streaming video. Crestron is demonstrating live streaming and showing both products at booth C7008 at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas, June 18 - 20.

        The ins and outs of streaming
        The DMC-STR Streaming Input Card enables you to receive H.264 streaming video input and then output it via any output card in the DM switcher or the card's local HDMI® output. Conversely, with the DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card you can create an H.264 streaming video output from any DM input, including HD video brought into the switcher using an HDMI input card.

        The end of distance limitations
        By equipping one DM® matrix switcher with the DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card and another with a DMC-STR Streaming Input Card, you can stream H.264 video between the two systems, across the building or campus, or anywhere in the world.

        "Streaming-only solutions may appear attractive at first. But more often than not, the need will arise to transmit uncompressed video as well," said Justin Kennington, DigitalMedia Technology Manager. "DM delivers the best of both worlds. You can stream and transmit uncompressed video on one platform."

        Point-to-point and streaming together
        DigitalMedia provides the versatility, uncompromised image quality, and speed that streaming-only solutions simply do not. With DigitalMedia you can also distribute content point-to-point, with zero latency and no compression. Point-to-point distribution via HDBaseT® and fiber is supported for digital and analog sources alike, including HDCP-protected HDMI at resolutions up to 4K (4096x2160). DM is the only distribution solution that accepts any type of signal or stream in, and then sends it out in any signal or stream type. For example, DM can accept a video stream over IP and then distribute that signal via HDMI locally. Alternatively, local HDMI signals can be streamed out over IP.

        Easy to upgrade as needs change
        Card-based DM switchers are easily configurable as organizational needs change. By simply adding or replacing cards, streaming capabilities can be added without having to change or replace switcher frames.

        Learn more
        Visit Crestron booth C7008 at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas, June 18 - 20 for a live demonstration of DigitalMedia streaming and point-to-point AV distribution.

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