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        Crestron Debuting Advanced Wireless Touch Screen

        Jun 18, 2014

        Crestron Debuting Advanced Wireless Touch Screen

        New TST-902 delivers all of the beauty and dedicated control of industry-leading TSW touch screens in a wireless tablet that doesn't require Wi-Fi®

        The popular Crestron TSW touch screen has gone wireless and it will be on display for the first time at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas, June 18 - 20.

        The Crestron TST-902 Advanced Wireless Touch Screen delivers enhanced wireless control, voice command recognition, and web browsing all in a thin and stylish design. Even better, primary touch screen functionality is supported via Crestron ER wireless communications, lessening or eliminating the need for Wi-Fi.

        "We've essentially taken our beautiful TSW touch screen and added the convenience and freedom of wireless," said Byron Wendling, Technology Manager, Touch Screens & User Interfaces at Crestron. "With the TST-902 you get a dedicated portable touch screen controller for the enterprise with the added benefit of security. It won't be mistaken for other personal tablet devices and therefore accidentally disappear."

        Control can be beautiful
        The TST-902 features high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors that bring exclusive Crestron Smart Graphics™ to life. The ultra-bright widescreen display, capacitive touch screen, H.264 streaming video, and edge-to-edge glass deliver a striking interactive experience.

        The TST-902 provides the high-performance control expected from Crestron, with the elegant design elements found in the latest tablets. Smart Graphics enable gestures navigation, swiping, and kinetic effects such as knobs, sliders, gauges, and scrolling lists common in smartphones and tablets.

        Even more ways to control
        In addition to its touch screen display, the TST-902 features four rear-mounted pushbuttons for quick access to volume adjustment, channel selection, mouse click, and other programmable functions. The buttons are optimally positioned for easy fingertip access while holding the unit with two hands.

        The TST-902 also provides the ability to use voice commands to control virtually anything. "Now, you can press a button on the touch screen and then speak commands like 'Turn off projector' or 'Start presentation,'" adds Wendling. "Or, you can speak voice commands to choose a lighting scene, enter a password, and perform many other functions."

        Streaming too
        The TST-902's high-performance streaming video capability makes it possible to view security cameras and other video sources right on the touch screen. Native support for H.264 and MJPEG formats allows the TST-902 to display live streaming video from an IP camera, a streaming server, or a DigitalMedia™ switcher.

        Less reliance on Wi-Fi®
        To lessen or eliminate the need for Wi-Fi, primary touch screen functionality for the TST-902 is supported via Crestron ER wireless communications. Crestron ER wireless communication is enabled via the Crestron CEN-ERFGW-POE Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway for ultra-dependable wireless performance up to 200 feet indoors.

        While the TST-902 can be operated using only ER wireless, advanced wireless capabilities such as streaming video, intercom, Web browsing, and dynamic graphics are supported using both ER and Wi-Fi together (dual-mode).

        Recharge in style
        A wall dock is available along with a sturdy, elegant table dock that complements the aesthetic in any boardroom. The docks provide a convenient solution for charging the TST-902 while simultaneously using it as a dedicated tabletop or wall mounted touch screen.

        Super-long battery life
        The TST-902 incorporates new fast-charging Lithium ion battery technology that makes it possible to keep the device docked indefinitely without killing the battery. The result is extraordinarily long battery life. Additionally, to help extend battery life even further, the TST-902 goes to sleep within seconds of putting it down. But you'll never have to wait for the screen to wake up; thanks to the Instant-Waking® feature, the TST-902 is always ready to go. If necessary, the TST-902's battery is field replaceable.

        Learn more
        To learn more about the Crestron TST-902 Advanced Wireless Touch Screen, visit Crestron booth C7008 at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas, June 18 - 20.

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