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        Booth Guru Live From InfoComm14 [Last Update: Friday, June 20, 9:00am PT]

        Jun 20, 2014


        Update 6: Friday, June 20 9:00am PT

        Dan Jackson shares the upcoming DMPS with a built in 3-Series® processor and 4K support.

        DigitalMedia™ Streaming Cards
        In addtion to everything Crestron is showing at InfoComm 2014, we also have our DigitalMedia™ Streaming Cards.

        Fusion 10
        Glen Marianko, Technology Manager for Enterprise Solutions, gives us a quick look at some of the upcoming features in Fusion 10.

        Capture HD®
        Learn all about Capture HD® and how it provides a very simple and cost-effective solution for capturing lectures, presentations, medical procedures, seminars, and training sessions in high-definition 1080p.

        Crestron RL™
        Tom Barnett, Director of Product Marketing explains the differences between video conferences and unified collaboration, and gives a short demo of Crestron RL™.

        Smart Space™
        Smart Space™ is the new multi-person, multi-display solution that delivers advanced enterprise-wide communication and HD video conferencing.

        Retrofit Solutions
        Check out Crestron's many wireless options for retrofitting existing infrastructures.

        Update 5: Friday, June 20 9:00am PT

        Testing 4K Sources and Displays
        In the DM® Lab demonstration, Kevin Iselli of Crestron teaches attendees see how even 4K sources and display devices from respected manufacturers don't always work together over HDMI®. A premium source connected directly to a name-brand display results in no signal. Hands-on testing with an Agilent digital signal analyzer shows the signal integrity problems. What's more, connecting the devices through DigitalMedia™ not only drastically improves the test results, but, more importantly, delivers an image to the display.

        Cable for error-free 4K distribution
        Andreas Stroeble of Crestron Europe teaches InfoComm attendees how to measure the number of errors introduced in a given length of cable. Showcasing exclusive new cable that beats the "under 1 pixel error per billion" specification required by HDMI®, even at distances of 100m, Crestron establishes itself as the clear leader in cabling infrastructure for 4K video.

        Innovations from the DM® Lab
        Learn about the incredible innovations currently under development that will change the way 4K and uncompressed streaming video are distributed.

        The 10 Must Haves for a AV Distribution System
        Jonathan Garcia, Director of Technical Services, takes you through the 10 must haves for your AV Distribution System.

        Retrofit Solutions
        Check out Crestron's many wireless options for retrofitting existing infrastructures.

        Update 4: Thursday, June 19 12:00pm PT

        Dave's Booth Tour
        Dave Silberstein, Director of Commercial Marketing, takes you on a complete tour of the Crestron booth.

        Huddle Space
        Crestron offers many solutions for small huddle spaces. Wired or wireless, Crestron ensures that you get the most out of your meeting areas.

        New to InfoComm 2014 is the CEN-NSP-1 Network Stream Player. The CEN-NSP-1 provides a wireless or wired interface for Apple® iOS® devices using AirPlay® or USB. It also provides multiple easy ways to share music from an iPod® , iPhone® , or iPad® through a whole-house audio system.

        AIR® Landscape Speakers
        Take a look at our AIR® Landscape Speakers and In-Ground Subwoofer. With these speakers, you're sure to get the full impact of your music outdoors.

        Integrated Classrooms
        Tom Barnett, Director of Product Marketing, gives us a quick look at our 'No Programming Solution' for Integrated Classrooms.

        Update 3: Wednesday, June 18 01:30pm PT

        3-Series® Control Systems
        At the Crestron Booth at InfoComm 2014, we have our full compliment of 3-Series® Control Systems on display. And now we're showcasing 3-Series control integrated into touch screens.

        RMC3 3-Series® Control System
        The RMC3 packs 3-Series® control system power in a cost-effective, ultra-compact, PoE package – and we have multiple ways to install it.

        TSD-2020 and TST-902
        Byron Wendling, Technology Manager, introduces two new additions to our expansive touch screen family. Learn about the TSD-2020 and the TST-902 here.

        Collaborative Classroom
        Lisa Mason, Commerical Marketing Specialist, talks us through Collaborative Classrooms and how Crestron technology makes it easy.

        Enterprise Solutions
        Toine Leerentveld, Technology Manager, talks you through our Enterprise Solutions.

        Update 2: Wednesday, June 18 10:00am PT

        Tweener Demo
        Take a look at our Tweener Demo that shows that 1080p switchers can't handle the latest high-resolution devices. Crestron has 4K DM® switchers that works flawlessly with these devices.

        4K Certification Program
        We've brought our 4K Certification tests right from our DM® Lab to the booth floor for InfoComm 2014.

        4K Distribution
        We are showing the world first end-to-end 4K Certified Distribution system. This is made possible with Crestron DigitalMedia™. We're not just 4K Ready, we're 4K Already.

        Update 1: Wednesday, June 18 9:00am PT

        Crestron Booth Build at InfoComm14
        Check out Crestron's booth at InfoComm14