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        Booth Guru Live From CEDIA EXPO 14 [Last Update: Saturday, Sept 13, 10:00am MT]

        Sep 13, 2014


        Crestron Pyng™
        Crestron's Evan Ackmann demonstrates Crestron Pyng™, the only home automation app that enables complete setup and control right from the iPad®. With Crestron Pyng the app is all you need.

        Crestron Pyng™ Testimonials
        People are loving Crestron Pyng™

        New Family of Handheld Remotes
        Meet the latest additions to Crestron's family of handheld remotes. With more features and updated looks, each model is thoughtfully engineered for use in different types of rooms.

        Testing 4K Sources and Displays
        In the DM® Lab demonstration, Kevin Iselli of Crestron teaches attendees to see how even 4K sources and displays from respected manufacturers don't always work together over HDMI®. A premium source connected directly to a name-brand display results in no signal. Hands-on testing with an Agilent digital signal analyzer shows the signal integrity problems. What's more, connecting the devices through DigitalMedia™ not only drastically improves the test results, but, more importantly, delivers an image to the display.

        Hartmann & Forbes Shade Textiles
        See the new collection of custom textiles from Hartmann & Forbes. Shade panels are meticulously created by artisans on wooden looms individually for each project, and shipped with the specified Crestron shade motor and hardware.

        4K Distribution
        We are showing our end-to-end 4K Certified Distribution system. This is made possible with Crestron DigitalMedia™. We're not just 4K Ready, we're 4K Already.

        The 10 Must Haves for an AV Distribution System
        Jeff Singer takes you through the 10 must haves for your AV Distribution System.

        4K DM® Ultra cable
        Crestron is showcasing our new DM® Ultra cable that beats the "under 1 pixel error per billion" specification required by HDMI®, even at distances of 100m. Crestron establishes itself as the clear leader in cabling infrastructure for 4K video.

        Quality Control
        Crestron takes its commitment to quality very seriously. See how our testing robots simulate years of use to ensure Crestron products perform the way customers expect.

        Crestron gives each member of the family complete audio freedom with the Network Stream Player.

        Designed specifically for mid-sized audio systems, this 6-zone amplifier with 12 inputs expands on the feature set of the popular Crestron 4X100 amplifier.

        Lighting Solutions
        Crestron offers lighting solutions and LED testing to suit any project.

        Universal Dimmer
        Learn about the latest 8-channel universal dimmer.

        Shading Solutions
        With Crestron's new QMT™ System 3 Shade motor, you can fit shades in windows as small as 17.5 inches and with over 100 new fashion forward-fabric selections to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shading solution.

        RMC3 3-Series® Control System
        The RMC3 packs 3-Series® control system power in a cost-effective, ultra-compact, PoE package – and we have multiple ways to install it.

        Seamless Compatibility and Pyng™ Cloud
        Crestron Pyng offers seamless compatibility with the rest of the Crestron product line and offers remote adjustments to scenes or settings with Pyng™ Cloud.

        With PinPoint™ homeowners no longer have to navigate room menus on the app as they move through their home. The controls for the room they are in are always at their fingertips.

        Touch Screens
        Check out the full line of Crestron Touch Screens for control in any room. With such a wide selection for you to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to meet your needs and complement any space.

        Dave's Quick Booth Tour
        See all Crestron is showing at CEDIA in under 10 minutes!

        Crestron Booth Build at CEDIA '14
        Check out Crestron's booth at CEDIA '14.