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        Home Control Never Looked This Good, See Crestron TSW Touch Screens in Action at CEDIA EXPO

        Sep 26, 2013

        Home Control Never Looked This Good, See Crestron TSW Touch Screens in Action at CEDIA EXPO

        Thinnest design, ultra-bright display, stunning HD graphics, and capacitive touch screen deliver a user experience like the latest smart devices

        Crestron is showcasing its powerful TSW family of touch screens at CEDIA EXPO in Denver, September 26 - 28. Combining high-performance Crestron control with elegant design elements found in the latest mobile devices, TSW touch screens deliver high-resolution graphics and rich, vibrant colors that bring exclusive Smart Graphics™ technology to life. Featuring a sharp ultra-bright display, capacitive touch screen, H.264 streaming video, and edge-to-edge glass, the sleek touch screens provide a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for intuitive whole home control and monitoring.

        "TSWs feature the sleek design elements we all love in our mobile devices, such as capacitive touch screens and edge-to-edge glass," said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology. "And, they support dynamic Smart Graphics such as sliders, knobs, and scrolling lists, are very easy to install, and cost a fraction of the price of previous touch screens."

        Offered in a choice of 5-inch smartphone size, 7-inch mini-tablet size, and 10-inch tablet size models, the TSW collection provides high performance home control, a user experience just like your smart phone or tablet, and a consistent elegant look throughout the home. For added convenience, five soft-touch buttons provide quick access to commonly used functions.

        Smart Graphics delivers the ultimate UI
        In addition to the highest performance, TSW touch screens make it fast, fun, and easy to control home entertainment systems such as TVs and multiroom audio, lights, thermostats, security, and any other connected system. Using exclusive Crestron Smart Graphics, users can enjoy the same user experience on a TSW touch screen as they do on their mobile devices. On the TSW screen, integrators can deliver all the features their clients know and love, such as gestures, swipes, sliders, knobs, gauges, scrolling lists, and dashboard widgets. Browsing through music and media libraries, TV/radio stations, and home control apps is as simple as flicking your finger.

        Smart Graphics dramatically reduces programming time. Programming is done once for all devices. Smart Graphics allows the same UI to run on the entire Crestron line of touch screens and Apple® devices without time-consuming redesign.

        Smart Graphics Gallery at CEDIA EXPO
        See the 2013 award-winning Smart Graphics designs displayed on TSW touch screens and iPads at the all-new Smart Graphics Gallery, located in the Crestron booth. From more than one hundred amazing Smart Graphics GUI designs submitted by professional Crestron programmers, only the top nine will be on display.

        Featuring the latest control and communications technology, TSW touch screens are engineered to provide homeowners with the world's most complete, engaging home automation and communications experience, including:

        Power over Ethernet
        Single-wire PoE connectivity simplifies installation for both new and retrofit applications. All control, video, intercom, and power signals are transmitted over a single Ethernet wire with one connection, eliminating the hassles of pulling bundles of wire through walls and floors. By obtaining operating power through the LAN wiring, PoE technology eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring.

        Easy universal installation and programming
        In addition to PoE connectivity, an all-new universal wall mounting bracket makes installation fast, clean, and straightforward in new construction and retrofit projects. The same bracket fits all TSW models. One cutout size accommodates all these devices, streamlining system planning in the early design stages.

        "Now you don't have to decide which touch screen goes where until you're ready. Just install the universal mounting bracket wherever you want it and mount the preferred device when the time is right," said Bargetzi. "This bracket will save installers, interior designers, and drywall guys a lot of time and aggravation."

        Programmer friendly, TSW touch screens can be easily programmed using the familiar VT Pro-e® and SIMPL platform or the new Crestron Studio™ software.

        Rava™ SIP Intercom technology
        Rava™ SIP Intercom provides the added convenience of hands-free full duplex intercom, VoIP telephone, group paging functionality, and door station connectivity so occupants can see and talk to anyone inside/outside the home, or across the world.

        H.264 Streaming Video
        High-performance H.264 streaming video capability enables crisp and colorfully vivid viewing of streaming video on the razor sharp high-definition display. Users can view content from services including the Crestron Network Video Streamer, security cameras, door stations, web cameras and other H.264 streaming media servers.

        Learn more
        To learn more about next generation touch screen control using the TSW-550, TSW-750, or TSW-1050, visit Crestron at CEDIA EXPO 2013, booth #2300, at the Colorado Convention Center.

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