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        Crestron introduces new 3 Series™ control processors

        Aug 30, 2013

        Crestron introduces new 3 Series™ control processors

        Provide ideal solution for commercial lighting, home control, and hospitality applications

        There's more technology in commercial buildings and custom homes than ever. All of the systems need to be networked, managed, and controlled in fundamentally new ways. The new DIN-AP3 and DIN-AP3MEX 3-Series control processors, designed for DIN rail mounting, answer the call. The DIN-AP3 delivers wired control, while the DIN-AP3MEX is ideal for applications that require wireless control.

        Built on the 3-Series platform
        Compared to other control systems, 3-Series processors provide a dramatic increase in processing power and speed. They deliver more memory, rock-solid networking and IP control, and a unique modular programming architecture that enables up to ten programs to run independently and communicate with each other on one platform. The result is a more intelligent, robust, secure, and reliable system.

        Both the DIN-AP3 and DIN-AP3MEX work seamlessly with Crestron DALI® ballasts and LED drivers, making them ideal for commercial lighting projects. Native support for BACnet®/IP provides a direct interface to third-party building management systems over Ethernet, simplifying integration with lighting and other building systems, including HVAC and security.

        Snaps onto a standard DIN rail
        The DIN-AP3 and DIN-AP3MEX enable modular installation alongside Crestron DIN rail lighting and automation control modules and other third-party DIN rail-mountable devices. The DIN-AP3 provides bidirectional RS-232 COM ports and four IR/serial ports that allow for the integration of everything from a remote-controlled fireplace to advanced security systems.

        The DIN-AP3MEX comes equipped with an integrated infiNET EX® wireless gateway. For retrofit projects and applications where wiring can't be installed, infiNET EX offers an effective and economical wireless solution. Crestron infiNET EX is a wireless mesh network technology in which each device on the network is a transmitter and receiver, making communication extremely fast and reliable. infiNET EX devices include Crestron thermostats, shade motors, and Cameo® wireless keypads, dimmers, and switches. The DIN-AP3MEX also integrates perfectly with the new INET-IRCOM and INET-RYIO infiNET EX control modules to communicate with RS232, IR and relay controlled devices on the same wireless mesh network. This makes the DIN-AP3MEX and the INET-IOEX the perfect solution for complete wireless home control and hospitality applications.

        Learn more about how the DIN-AP3 and DIN-AP3MEX 3-Series control processors can take your commercial and residential control projects to a whole new level.

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