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        Dear Valued Partner, 

        Over the past two years, we have committed ourselves to providing you with the best information available about orders while working to achieve supply levels sufficient to meet demand. It is gratifying to hear your positive response to all the Crestron boxes arriving at integrator warehouses and customer sites over the last several months. By now we’re well into supply improvements, and you will continue to see increased product deliveries and reduced lead times.  

        DM NVX® AV-over-IP and Control Processors
        Among the most in-demand products are control processors and DM NVX® AV-over-IP. We anticipate fulfillment of backlogged orders by the beginning of 2024. With the increased availability of these products, we have lowered the average lead times on new orders for DM NVX® products to 12 weeks and control processors to 20 weeks.   

        Increased Supply, Lower Lead Times
        With improvements across all product lines, we are now able to reduce lead times on new orders further as we continue to fulfill open orders:   

        • Many of our most in-demand products, Crestron Flex Kits, Crestron AirMedia® wireless conferencing and presentation systems, DM Lite® receivers and transmitters, and speakers are in stock now and ready to ship within a few days after we receive an order.
        • Scheduling panels have an average lead time of 12 weeks or less, but many are available to ship within four weeks.
        • DM Lite® switchers have an average lead time of 8-12 weeks or less, but many are available to ship within four weeks.
        • We are committed to reducing lead times on the remaining SKUs with long lead times, including DMPS technology, Horizon® thermostats, 3-Series Control Systems® (MPC3), CLX Control Modules, DM NAXTM technology , and DIN products. For new orders, we currently estimate most of these products will ship by April 2024 or earlier.

        What to expect going forward:

        • While there will be some isolated disruptions, the accuracy of our estimated ship dates and lead time projections will continue to improve.
        • By January, we anticipate nearly every major product line will be available with an estimated lead time of approximately 12 weeks or less. We anticipate that DM NVX® AV-over-IP products will have an approximate lead time of four weeks and control processors will have an approximate lead time of 10 weeks.

        On behalf of everyone at Crestron, we thank you for being a valued partner. We look forward to sharing more positive results and more product innovations. Your success is our priority.


        Dan Brady, COO  

        Crestron Electronics Inc. 

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