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        Project-Friendly Lead Times

        At Crestron, we realize the significant impact that the supply chain challenges caused our valued customers and partners over the last three years and the impact it has had on your business. We are committed to earning your confidence once again and delivering on our unwavering commitment to you, our partners.

        "CrestronNow" means...

        We're invested in your success

        Your success is Crestron's top priority. We want to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to you, determined to earn back your confidence and rebuild our partnership for a stronger future. We're in this for you, with you, and deeply invested in our mutual success.

        We understand your deadlines and schedules

        We are project-ready, with nearly all of Crestron's products available to meet your deadlines. Learn more below.

        We're here to help

        If you have uncertainty about a lead time or have an urgent need, just ask us. Our dedicated team is ready to support your individual needs. You can also count on us for customer support, sales assistance, design support, or training ... all of which are available from Crestron now.

        Project-ready to support you now.

        Available Now and Project-Ready

        For availability information on specific products, contact a Crestron representative or use our Estimated Product Availability Tool.

        Crestron Flex
        AirMedia® wireless presentation and
        conferencing system
        Room Scheduling
        DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology
        Control Processors
        Touch Screens
        • AirMedia® Wireless Presentation and Conferencing
        • DigitalMedia™ DM Lite (HD-TX*-4KZ / HD-RX*-4KZ)
        • DigitalMedia™ HD-PS Presentation Switchers
        • DigitalMedia™ HDMI® Switchers
        • AirMedia® Connect Adapter
        • 4-Series Control Processors
        • DigitalMedia™ Chassis and Cards (DM-MD and DM-C Products)
        • DigitalMedia™ NVX – All Other Models
        • DigitalMedia™ NVX - 351 and 360(c) Series
        • Crestron Flex Standard and Advanced Kits
        • Touch Screens (TS / TSS / TSW)
        • DigitalMedia™ Audio Over IP (DM-NAX)
        • Horizon® Keypads and Dimmers
        • Remotes (HR and TSR Models)
        • Zūm® Wired and Wireless Lighting Platform

        Have an Urgent Need?

        Depending on volume, we may be able to deliver on your request or offer alternative solutions.

        When you reach out to Crestron now, you'll see we're ready to help you today and in the future.
        Contact your representative.