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        The Crestron Sightline Experience: Better hybrid meetings are in sight

        Natural conversation. True collaboration.

        Hybrid meetings are now a real and permanent way of working. While video conferencing has expanded remote capabilities, it has also revealed the need for enhancements to enable true collaboration: in-person participants need better ways to engage with remote participants; and conversation must flow more naturally between all participants, so no one feels like a spectator.

        Scalable for any sized room, the new Crestron Sightline Experience solves these challenges with a complete, integrated ecosystem that delivers meeting equity, where resources are distributed based on the specific needs of every participant. Sightline incorporates a multi-camera, automated switching system — literally, an AI program that follows who’s speaking at a given moment – and “cuts” to that individual, as opposed to the traditional single camera panning back and forth.

        The remote experience

        Sightline technology tracks a speaker’s voice and automatically frames that individual on-screen, giving the remote worker a look that’s not dissimilar from the layout one finds when every participant is virtual. It’s quite literally a close-up of the speakers, revealing all those critical nonverbal cues and providing the best available audio in that hybrid situation.

        The in-person experience

        The other half of the equation is the viewpoint of the in-person participants when they’re interacting with remote participants. A Sightline room incorporates multiple displays, synced together, so remote participants are always in line of sight, which eliminates confusion over where to look. This helps increase engagement and decrease “screen fatigue.”

        A better remote experience

        • Provides a clear and true picture of the room and the in-room participants

        • Actively tracks the speaker’s voice and automatically frames that individual on screen

        • Provides ability to “read the room,” including non-verbal cues, and engage naturally with in-person attendees

        • Delivers meeting equity, making remote attendees more visible

        • Reduces unnaturalness of the meeting environment and reduces online meeting fatigue

        A better in-person experience

        • Provides a better view of remote participants

        • Enables natural conversation and engagement with remote participants

        • Removes the cognitive element of having to know where to look

        • Multiple displays synced together show remote participants in line of sight, solving confusion over where to look

        One-touch meeting experience

        • Simply walk in and start your meeting

        • Easily set “scenes” that ready every aspect of a space (shades, lights, Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ software display, etc.) to deliver the best experience for that meeting

        • Seamlessly present content from wherever you feel most comfortable

        Every piece of the puzzle

        Sightline leverages the power of four core Crestron platforms, plus an array of intelligent video technology:

        A solution for our times

        In this new modern work era, meetings are most successful when everyone feels fully connected and able to participate equally. The Crestron Sightline Experience delivers on our legacy of making the complex simple, enabling you to create an inclusive hybrid meeting experience in every space that benefits both employees and organizations alike.