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        Network Power Controller and Conditioner

        Empower your customers

        Thanks to deep, native integration with the Crestron Home® platform, Crestron’s network power controller and conditioner can empower your customers to resolve simple issues themselves. From a locked up smart TV, to performing a power cycle to get troublesome devices back up and running. Just a few taps in the familiar Crestron Home app. And with Ping Monitoring and scheduling, our power controllers can solve almost every other possible problem. No expense of rolling trucks. No endless phone calls.

        Backed by a 5-year warranty, a Connected Equipment Guarantee, enterprise-grade security, and renowned Crestron reliability and True Blue Support, there’s just one question to ask yourself: Why wouldn’t you include a Crestron network power controller on every Crestron Home project?

        Troubleshooting made simple

        • Ping monitoring to detect and fix unresponsive devices automatically
        • Pre-set automatic power cycles to detect problems and fix devices
        • Pre-set periodic power cycles for problematic devices to keep them up and running
        • Adjustable turn-on delay
        • Reset locked up streaming devices, TVs, or even the entire system

        Deliver peace of mind

        • Backed by Connected Equipment Guarantee
        • Pair with new remote temperature sensor to monitor and avert overheating
        • Enterprise-grade security
        • Surge protection
        • Adjustable over/under voltage cutoff
        • EMI/RFI noise filtering
        • Wiring fault detection
        • Energy metering and advanced activity data logging

        Device Health Dashboard

        Even more control of your customers’ power? Yes! If the self-healing power controllers haven’t solved a power issue, the Device Health Dashboard within the Crestron Home app enables you to step in to help. It provides easy access to all your Crestron Home projects, and the ability to view all devices connected to the power controllers so you can easily identify the issue. With a simple tap on the power cycle button, you can troubleshoot at speed without the need to fire up the laptop or roll trucks.

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        Cloud connected for complete control

        Whether you use our network power controllers with the Crestron Home app, our XiO Cloud® platform, or remote network monitoring and management software from our partner Domotz, you can stay on top of your customers’ Crestron systems from anywhere, anytime. Think of the time you’ll save being able to:

        • Remotely troubleshoot your customer’s network and IP device problems
        • Receive alerts in real-time
        • Remotely access connected devices, manage device power, and perform network diagnostics