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        University of Nevada, LV (UNLV)

        Aug 09, 2016

        University of Nevada, LV (UNLV)

        Real-Time Data Helps Eliminate "Lost Class Time" and Prove ROI

        Las Vegas, Nevada

        Located on 332 acres in the heart of Las Vegas, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has earned its stripes as an internationally recognized research university. Taking center stage, UNLV will host the final 2016 U.S. presidential debate in October. But ensuring the AV systems run smoothly for its 28,600 students and more than 2,900 faculty and staff is a top priority of UNLV’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). When Scott Menter, manager, Classroom Technology Services, OIT arrived at UNLV in 2010 it was his charge to build a department to eliminate lost class time. If an instructor is unable to enter a classroom, lecture hall, or auditorium and have the room technology work immediately, this can translate to not only five or 10 minutes of lost class time, it can become a canceled class, Menter said. Upon his arrival, there were three different AV control systems that instructors had to maneuver.

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