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        Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

        Feb 17, 2017

        New York, NY

        Crestron has teamed up with Orbis International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works in developing countries, to fight blindness. Crestron’s state-of-the-art technology is embedded throughout Orbis’ next-generation Flying Eye Hospital, and plays an instrumental role in training eye care professionals across the globe. The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital® travels to underserved areas to treat patients at risk of losing their sight, while also offering local doctors the chance to be trained from the plane. The mobile teaching hospital features an onboard ophthalmic training center, which hosts a 46-seat classroom, full surgical suite, operating theater, laser treatment room, communications center, recovery room, and audiovisual/IT room. As an Orbis partner, Crestron has provided over $300,000 in A/V and automation solutions, in addition to integration services, to enable the medical staff to operate on their patients, while allowing other local doctors to observe procedures from the classroom.

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