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        Luxury Survival Condos

        Oct 22, 2013

        Luxury Survival Condos

        Crestron technology enables sense of normalcy in survival condos

        Undisclosed location, Kansas

        If disaster strikes, this luxury survival condo in Kansas is here to make its owners feel a sense of normalcy, comfort, and convenience. These first-of-a-kind condos are designed for comfortable long-term survival in a retired nuclear-hardened Atlas missile silo. The entire project features intriguing technology, especially through the design and installation of several customized, easily controlled audio/video systems. Crestron technologies played a central role in building a system that is completely connected in four full-floor residences, six half-floor residences, four guest rooms, a 17-seat home theater, and many other common areas.

        One key to the team's ability to design complex systems in a short timeframe was their standardization on a few main vendors including Crestron. "Yes, there was a lot of very custom programming here, but we know the Crestron systems inside and out. Once we had worked out what the systems should do, making them do it was relatively simple," said developer, Larry Hall.