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        Award-winning Estate

        Apr 04, 2014

        Award-winning Estate

        Integration Award winner simplifies control in a large estate with the help of Crestron.

        Wayne, PA

        You might not guess it from the size of their house or the sophistication of their home systems, but the owners of this magnificent Wayne, Pennsylvania residence have simple tastes. According to Harry Blanchard, Chief Systems Integrator for Elite Home Technologies (a division of Philadelphia’s HiFi House Group), who designed the home automation systems, they are passionate about just three things: They love children and wanted a home where their large family could thrive. They love art and wanted a place where they could house and show their beautiful and extensive art collection. They are dedicated to personal fitness and healthy living and wanted a place where they could work out daily and grow their own food. These guiding principles helped build a dream home that is truly an education in what is possible with today’s technology. Still, Blanchard says it took some convincing to install the advanced control technology needed to make their new home practical, energy-efficient, safe, and comfortable.