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        Alliance Consulting Engineers

        Oct 23, 2015

        Alliance Consulting Engineers

        Working Outside the Box: Consulting engineers link high technology with personal approach

        Columbia, South Carolina

        How do you provide exceptional service in a high tech age? “We always have someone greet you personally, whether on the phone or at the door,” says Deepal Eliatamby, President of Alliance Consulting Engineers, Inc. of Columbia, SC. “We are big believers in technology, but we don’t want it to be the focal point of a meeting. That should always be the people.” Thus, when Eliatamby led an effort to build a new boardroom for the company’s expanded headquarters last year, he asked that all the technology be hidden when not in use. “When you walk into that room, the last thing you’ll see are large-screen displays, cameras, or microphones, but they are all there when you need them.” Not only is the latest technology available, but it’s also very easy to access and to operate. Crestron control and Crestron DigitalMedia technology, integrated by Columbia-based Advanced Video Group, make that possible.

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