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        Florissant Fire EOC and Training Facility

        Aug 16, 2019

        Florissant Fire EOC and Training Facility

        Located west of Colorado Springs, CO, the all-volunteer Florissant Fire Department is prepared to serve their community and thousands of visitors annually from all over the Pikes Peak region and beyond. The Florissant Fire Department needed to update its training technology to meet mission critical demands and restore the EOC and Training Facility to its place as a premiere community center for training and public service.

        Thanks to Crestron, the Florissant Fire Department is not only a hub for training, but also a command center for multiple agencies, such as the FBI, CBI, and others during emergencies. The Crestron system is adaptable to the mission critical demands of the station and has proved integral to the department’s ability to make a difference when the community is in crisis.