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        “Access Granted” with ekey and Crestron Technology

        Nov 30, 2018

        “Access Granted” with ekey and Crestron Technology

        ekey biometric systems, Europe’s number one provider of fingerprint access solutions, approached Apostolos Mavrothalassitis, System Designer and Developer for IT & AV Development Ltd., to create a new driver that would turn Crestron into a network capable fingerprint access control system and provide homeowners with an innovative way of entering and securing their home.

        With the help of AV & IT Development Ltd., ekey now works seamlessly within a Crestron ecosystem. The innovative solution can be used as a standalone system or integrated into a larger Crestron project. It enables system integrators, with no additional skills required, to provide clients with a new level of convenience, confidence, and flexibility in home access and security. 

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