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        by Daniel Kerkhof
        With everything that has happened in 2020, people are looking for the Ultimate Getaway. A chance to relax in a private and controlled environment, away from crowds and possible threats. Thanks to my work for Crestron, I have discovered what I believe to be the Ultimate Luxurious Holiday Getaway.
        I am responsible for Crestron Marine, a global department that focusses mainly on a specific niche market: Superyachts.
        Superyachts, mega yachts, and giga yachts are larger, more luxurious, and professionally crewed vessels. These impressive vessels signify opulence, class, and status. Many yachts are privately owned, but a fair portion of them are also available for chartering. Chartering a yacht enables individuals who do not wish to own a yacht the opportunity to enjoy a vacation onboard of one for a week or two.
        Given the current global climate, superyachts are the perfect retreat for anyone looking to escape. Superyachts allow you to travel to any corner of the globe, privately and safely. These ships are equipped with every amenity, built for entertainment, relaxation, and discovering new remote areas. Systems onboard are always designed to go above and beyond the expectations of every client, whether it is the owner himself or a charter guest. Surrounded by experienced crew (5-star service guaranteed!), the limitless possibilities of the ocean make superyachts the Ultimate Getaway. Everything on these yachts is designed for flexibility, reliability, and comfort.
        The production of superyachts has increased exponentially since the late 1990s, resulting in an increased fleet. There are now more superyachts to choose from than ever before in terms of location, group and vessel size, and budget.
        It may not come as a surprise that Crestron is the global leader in AV distribution and control systems onboard. These superyachts require massive systems that are highly customizable, scalable, and reliable, so guests have an effortless experience from anywhere on the ship and anywhere around the globe. These yachts have countless spaces for TVs, including lounges, bars, pools, decks, dining rooms, cabins, etc. Onboard, Crestron can control shading, lighting, temperature, TV’s, streaming services, navigation, and so much more.
        Unlike a house, this installation is mobile, so a normally simple feature, such as watching your favorite football team play, requires several satellite dishes for multiple service providers to deliver uninterrupted coverage. Features such as Infotainment allow passengers to select and view information, including current location, route, points of interest, water temperature, and more from touch screens around the vessel. Systems such as “Crew Call” are also integrated into our systems, allowing guests to request services from the crew through a concierge style call button on Crestron touch screens.
        Besides supplying the equipment, Crestron Marine has large global teams to supply the same experience as in residential environments. Although the experience is the same, the systems are different and require a different approach when it comes to regulations, fixation, and placement of equipment.
        Therefore, Crestron Marine has specified our own group of Certified Marine Dealers. These companies have the knowledge and experience to supply our solutions in this dynamic space. Our marine dealers are supported throughout all their projects by our Crestron Marine specialists. One of the unique aspects of Crestron is that we have a global scale, with warehouses and supplies around the world, so even if the crew is far from home, Crestron is always nearby.
        Speaking of crews, the superyacht experience would not be possible without them. To ensure the most seamless user experience for clients, we have a program designed to support and train yacht crews on Crestron deployment and maintenance. This is especially useful in remote places when they are the only individuals available to adjust the system, if needed. Our program ensures that crew members are familiar with every piece of equipment onboard.
        Crestron is dedicated to supporting everyone who encounters our systems, onboard superyachts and beyond. Crestron’s worldwide presence enables us to deliver a flexible, reliable, and comfortable experience in any location, from your yacht to your home.
        To learn more about our programs and how you can deliver an amazing superyacht experience to your clients visit or contact me any time.

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