Author: Lauren Simmen

        We’ve all been in this situation...You are a remote participant in a meeting, and there is a group in a conference room on the other end of the video feed. You have a hard time making out people’s faces, an inability to recognize facial expressions, seeing side chats happening, but not being able to hear the conversation. It’s dejecting and it causes you to lose engagement in the meeting, making you, and the meeting itself, totally unproductive.

        Over the last few years, hybrid meetings have taken their place as the new normal and it is here to stay. As employees hold more power than ever before, ensuring equality in the meeting space is imperative to creating a better company culture, employee retention, and business success. It’s all about meeting the demands of today’s hybrid workforce. This is where intelligent video comes in.

        Crestron Flex not only delivers an unparalleled experience inside the room, but now with our partnership with both Jabra and Huddly, we are able to extend that same experience outside the room to remote attendees. The result is a more connected and engaged workforce.

        When meetings are comprised of only remote participants, each person as an equal space on the screen. In hybrid meetings, this can pose a problem. Jabra® and Huddly® intelligent cameras offer multiple options that provide you with an immersive video experience for every space. Features such as speaker tracking, face framing, and whiteboard sharing create equality in the meeting for all participants and promotes collaboration.

        Intelligent face framing recognizes each participant in the room and provides a single image of each person so no matter where you are, you have the same meeting “real estate” as the people in the room.

        Intelligent video brings a whole new experience to video conferencing. Crestron Flex provides the foundation to make that experience possible in every space.With Crestron Flex you can build your entire video conferencing solution on a single platform that evolves as technology changes, ensuring that every meeting space always has the best tools.

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