While it may take years of development time before we can get a new physical product in your hands – picking components, designing circuits, writing firmware, and manufacturing hardware before it goes on a truck to you – our software development teams can ship XiO Cloud® service updates large and small every few days and have it arrive instantly when you open your web browser. Those differences don’t end with the engineering and manufacturing process – they extend all the way to how we make it possible for you to try and buy our products. That’s why we’re excited to tell you how we’re making it easier to get XiO Cloud into your hands.

        Redefining room management and monitoring

        When we launched XiO Cloud over two years ago, it was the first true IoT-centric cloud-based management solution for workplace AV technology. XiO Cloud makes it far simpler to configure and monitor your AV estate. Since then we have continuously grown the platform, adding support for dozens of different product models and innovative features such as full touch screen remote control and room capacity enforcement, all within a single environment. We can promise you that we have some very exciting additional new features coming soon that are going to completely change the industry. But right now, let’s talk about how you can actually try and buy XiO Cloud.


        Free trial – instantly

        There’s no reason why you should have to rely on screenshots, videos, and our word to see if XiO Cloud can help you and your workflows. After all, it’s a cloud service accessible from anywhere in the world! We now offer an instant 30-day free trial of XiO Cloud here. You’ll be able to try out all of the functionality on up to ten rooms. You need some hardware to test it with, of course, but at over 100 supported device models it shouldn’t be difficult to find some. If you find that XiO Cloud does improve how you monitor and manage spaces, work with your Crestron sales representative to make a purchase. Which brings us to our next point.


        New ways to buy

        We spend a lot of time talking to customers of all sizes, and one thing that has been clear to us is the need for more granularity when buying XiO Cloud. To that end, we’ve made a big update to the way that XiO Cloud is purchased. Now, you have the flexibility to buy only what you need. Here are the updates:

        • XiO Cloud is now sold for rooms instead of devices. That means even if you reconfigure a room and add devices to it, the price for management and monitoring remains exactly the same.
        • We now price by month instead of by year, meaning you can get exactly the duration that makes sense for your organization.
        • Instead of having an entire XiO Cloud account on a single tier, you can now purchase different services that can be applied to your rooms. Each of these services is specifically designed to focus on the needs of a particular user type – such as installers, help desk technicians, or real estate teams. You can have different combinations of services applied to different rooms in your account, so you can invest in the functionality where it makes the most sense.

        If you’re finding that the way you manage your workplace technology is just not working anymore, go ahead and sign up for a FREE XiO Cloud 30-day trial. You may find that the power of the cloud can make life a whole lot easier.

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