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        Author: Jamie Stott

        In the early 2000s, the custom AV industry experienced a resurgence in motorized shading. Up to that point, shading was noisy and inefficient. Today, however, customers expect silent, intelligent, low voltage operation in a top tier shading system, which are now classified as “automated shading” or “intelligent natural light control.” Here are the three major advantages to choosing Crestron shading for your home.

        1. 1) Simplicity and reliability – an integral part of every Crestron system. Shades aren’t a subsystem controlled by Crestron; they are Crestron. Everything works together the way it should, from touch screens and keypads to video distribution, every device speaks the same language.

          Picture a scenario where you go out to buy a new car, but the engine, stability control, and entertainment system are made by different manufacturers with different warranties. With Crestron, you’re getting shades designed and manufactured to work in harmony with your current Crestron system. You get a seamless experience every time, with a system conceived and executed by a single team and warranty.

        2. 2) Versatility. With Crestron shades you can quickly and easily upgrade as your lifestyle and needs change. Say you currently have manual shades installed and want to change them to automated shades. Easy. The process only takes minutes, and you can use your existing fabric and hardware! Our adjustable brackets also ensure the best fit for any window.

        3. 3) Lifetime limited warranty on shade motors and power supplies. A lifetime limited warranty is a huge benefit for you in terms of peace of mind and long-term cost of ownership. Again, imagine if you’re shopping for a car, torn between two different top-level brands, but one has a lifetime limited warranty while the other doesn’t? It’s not hard to guess which brand would have the upper hand. It’s silent, refined, and exclusive Crestron brushless motor technology that makes it possible to offer this unbeatable lifetime limited warranty.

        At Crestron, we want you to feel at ease and confident that you’ve purchased the finest shading solution available. Their simplicity, reliability, versatility, and lifetime warranty are only a few of their many advantages. They also seamlessly integrate with the Crestron Home™ platform, so you get the unparalleled, end-to-end Crestron smart home experience – lights, shades, video, audio, security and more – all manufactured to work together as one system for the ultimate experience.

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