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        COVID19 has come, and life as we knew it will be no longer. Necessary shifts in behaviors, social norms, and habits, etc. are coming. Already, “touchless” interactions have been put into place, from buying groceries or a new car, to closing on a mortgage, to ordering take-out. This same reality will likely materialize in the workplace as regions of the country start to “open up” and employees return to the office. More specifically, workplace technology in meeting rooms (where collaboration and interaction are key) will need to evolve to meet the new reality. That’s where Crestron AirMedia® 2.0 comes in.
        AirMedia is Crestron’s wireless presentation platform. It enables people to bring their personal devices to meeting rooms and share content in a collaborative way. Often, AirMedia is perceived as a replacement for an HDMI Cable. Yes, it CAN do that, but the platform enables much more and fits perfectly into the new “touchless” meeting room reality. Let me explain.
        Imagine if you will…
        You enter the office and it’s time for your first collaborative meeting post-COVID19. You enter the conference room. Instantly, the room “knows” you are there and the display automatically wakes up. You confirm that you are, in fact, in the right meeting room, as the room display clearly shows the meeting name, organizer, and time slot. And, hey, in the background you notice you’ve been named Employee of the Month! (Woohoo!) Your meeting participants have already arrived either in-person (observing the proper 6-ft apart social distancing guideline, of course) or remotely via Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ conferencing software, or similar. It’s time to kick it off. A few clicks and swipes on your personal device and now you’re sharing your presentation.
        All of this happens by simply walking into the room and sharing content from YOUR device. No touching any cable or device, such as a remote, controller, touch screen, etc. – a virtually touchless meeting. Let’s break it down even further.


        Information is key
        It all starts with the front of the room experience, where essential information is communicated to the meeting participants:

        • Meeting room availability – Connect to Microsoft Office 365®, Microsoft Exchange Server®, Google Calendar™, or Crestron Fusion® software for even more providers
        • Ambient messaging and branding – Scroll through a series of background images uploaded locally or on a web server; upload a custom logo; or connect to Appspace® software to allow for an even more engaging signage/messaging experience
        • Helpful instructions – Information to connect via wired or wireless is available front and center


        Wireless sharing from YOUR device
        Wireless sharing is as simple as a few clicks, taps, or swipes on YOUR device. AirMedia works with Windows®, Mac®, iOS®, Android™, and Chrome OS™ devices. Connection information appears right on the screen. Now, connect, enter a 4-digit code, and you are all set! Again, you interact ONLY with your personal device.
        Don’t sacrifice room automation, intelligence, and security
        The AirMedia AM-200 and AM-300 wireless presentation systems have built-in room control and automation. You can configure the system, including peripheral devices such as a display/projector and touch screen, to automatically power on and off based on business hours you set or via occupancy (using a paired occupancy sensor). You simply enter the room and the system is operational. Again, no physical interaction with any device other than your own. You have the peace of mind that conference rooms will be operational when you need them to be, and not consuming power when you don’t need them to be. AirMedia 2.0 is simple, manageable (via the Crestron XiO Cloud™ platform), and leverages existing IT security infrastructure.
        AirMedia® 2.0 supported devices
        AM-200 or AM-300 – AirMedia Wireless Presentation Systems
        Crestron Mercury® or  Crestron Mercury X – Video Conference Systems
        DMPS3-4K-250 or DMPS3-4K-350 – DigitalMedia™ Presentation Systems with AirMedia
        About Delix Alex
        Delix Joseph T. Alex (Delix) is Sr. Product Manager – Enterprise Applications, driving product development for key technologies in the digital workplace, including AirMedia (wireless presentation) and .AV Framework™ platform (web-based room configuration). In his role, Delix bridges the gap between technical capabilities and creative possibilities to help create a more connected workplace technology for the modern age.
        Prior to his role at Crestron, Delix pioneered IP network workflows, together with software and hardware innovation, at Panasonic as Product Manager for Professional PTZ Cameras and IP Networking Systems, Panasonic North America. Delix holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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