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        In this post, we’ll demonstrate how easy it can be to roll out multiple UC devices by providing system administrators with new centralized remote setup tools. These tools minimize the time spent on-site by engineers, and also enable organizations to gather usage data to maximize workspace utilization.
        Deploying UC devices can be a complex and time-consuming task. Using the Crestron XiO Cloud™ platform, hosted on the Microsoft® Azure® IoT hub, organizations can provide administrators with a centralized dashboard to assist remote personnel with the setup of UC devices. Once the devices are connected to the Internet and able to access the Microsoft® network, administrators can remotely update settings such as network, time servers, etc., and deploy firmware updates. This minimizes on-site time and, while commissioning personnel deploy and install devices, remote administrators can move on to deploying the next room.
        Now, you have all UC devices, such as Crestron Flex tabletop systems, up-to-date and configured how you want them. This is especially important for social distancing purposes when we start returning to the office during the next phase of the pandemic. With the room occupancy feature and Huddly IQ™ camera built into Crestron Flex, you can monitor the number of people in the room during a call via Crestron XiO Cloud to ensure proper social distancing is being adhered to, if applicable. If you know a meeting room has eight seats, e.g., you may want to ensure that only four people are using that room at any one time.


        Using Crestron XiO Cloud, you can see this data in real-time. You’ll know the room is set up and not over-occupied.
        But how do you ensure that the room is being best utilized to the max all the time? If you have just installed the new Crestron Flex UC-MX150-T or UC-MX150-Z system, 95% of your support calls will probably be Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ software related, respectively. But how do you handle the other 5% of calls that could be on another video conferencing platform such as WebEx®, GoToMeeting®, Amazon Chime®, or even Google Hangouts™? Well, this is where the UC-MX150-T and UC-MX150-Z can solve this issue, as it also supports BYOD.


        Simply plug in the USB and HDMI® cable into your laptop, and then on the Crestron Flex screen, you will see a message directing you to use your laptop to control the meeting, but still take advantage of the superior Crestron Flex audio and video capabilities. No need to huddle around your laptop screen to join meetings that are not Microsoft Teams or Zoom™ meetings.


        As Crestron Flex MX systems can be used for all meeting types, and not just the native Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings, everyone can participate in every meeting. Therefore, you now have fully managed and fully utilized meeting spaces, ensuring a great return on your investment.

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