Today we can do just about anything from our phone or tablet. From the palm of our hands, we can buy just about anything from dinner to a new car.  Control just about anything at home from from changing the temperature to connecting with a streaming service. The simple, intuitive functionality we expect from our mobile devices helps us simply everyday tasks, makes connecting easier and our days more efficient. At Crestron, we thought it was time to bring that same level of intuitive and simple room control into the workplace.
        Leveraging innovation and experience for the better.
        Crestron has always led the way in room control, introducing the first color touch screen in the 1990’s followed by the first two-way wireless remotes. Decade after decade, year after year, we have always strived to innovate our customers experiences for the better. Now we are leveraging our experience to deliver the most seamless user experience for controlling workplace technology from your mobile device.  

        Introducing Crestron Mobile Room Control 

        Bringing a new level of safety and security to room control.
        It is critical to make the workplace as safe as possible, to ensure that returning employees can utilize collaboration technology, effectively and securely. Our team has been hard at work  creating a mobile device room control experience that functions with the same seamlessness security and simplicity we expect from our mobile devices. We wanted to make it so that anyone could walk into a room and use their mobile device to instantly and securely connect and control the room’s functions–without ever having to touch any screen but their own.  
        Ease of use was paramount. We felt it was critical to deliver an intuitive, seamless experience. Nothing less than what users expect from their devices. One with minimal additional steps versus using the touch screen in the room. No IP addresses to type in, no passwords to remember–just simply open the app and go. The employee’s personal device detects the nearby AV system and automatically connects. For extra security, authentication can be enabled via QR, or PIN code displayed on the touch screen. This delivers a secure and direct connection via Bluetooth®, without requiring devices to reside on the same network, allowing for IT security standards to remain enforced.
        Ease of deployment was equally important. This technology can be added across your exiting footprint without network or design changes. We created it to work with every 60-Series touch screen from Crestron, so nearly every room deployed since 2016 can be supported with only basic configuration–no additional programming required! The mobile application connects to your touch screens’ existing functionality this means the administrator can pick which functions of the screen to deliver to the mobile experience. So no matter how or who has programmed your systems, you can get a consistent , easy experience on your mobile device. We made sure that no matter what kind of Crestron AV system you have, you can make use of this powerful mobile control technology.
        Working with you to make the workplace productive, effective and safer.  
        Nothing is more important to us than helping our customers bring everyone back to work safely. We know you are faced with a myriad of tasks and working with a myriad of HR, real estate management, AV and IT support staffs. We hope this solution helps further the goal of a safe return to work. It’s a team effort and it will take all of us to reach our goal.
        We’re excited to bring this functionality to our customers and will be hosting a webinar on  July 13th to take a deeper dive into this exciting evolution in Crestron control.

        Please join us to learn more.


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