A New Audio Distribution Solution: The DM-NAX-XSP Audio Return Processor
        Bridging the gap between streaming TVs and multi-room audio with a best-in-class ARC/eARC device
        January 29
        By Michael Short, Senior Director of Marketing

        The number of content sources and services available to consumers seems to be growing daily — and with that growth comes inevitable technical challenges, especially when it comes to distributed audio. Getting sound from Point A — say, a streaming service via a device of some kind — to Point B — a zone of speakers and, ultimately, your ears — can be quite a puzzle.

        Crestron’s introduced a solution that solves that puzzle in some of the thorniest use cases: The DM-NAX-XSP Audio Return Processor. A significant benefit: This groundbreaking device — our first Surround Sound decoding DM NAX® digital signal processor — can bridge streaming TVs to Crestron’s DM NAX multi-room audio distribution system.

        In recent years, streaming TVs have become an increasingly popular audio source, hosting popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so on — their simplicity and ease-of-use are often preferred over external boxes or dongles. Until now, there’s been no easy way to bridge this with an audio distribution system for premium in-room or multi-room audio. Now it’s possible — over the network and with the flexibility of the DM NAX platform — all thanks to the DM-NAX-XSP Audio Return Processor.

        The Power of the DM-NAX-XSP

        When combined with our DM NAX platform (and any of the solutions offered within that robust ecosystem), the DM-NAX-XSP truly shines. Simply put, the DM-NAX-XSP pairs seamlessly with any Crestron DM NAX amp or preamp to bring HDMI® connectivity, eARC, and ARC audio video support and immersive audio from Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X® formats. The device offers multi-channel audio inputs with a two-channel DM NAX downmix out with 8K HDMI® inputs and outputs, along with two network ports, one with PoE.  

        Learn more about the new Crestron DM-NAX-4ZSA-50 streaming amp.

        By leveraging ARC/eARC, the device can grab high-quality audio content from smart TVs and tie that to your DM NAX technology solution. By linking two of these units together, the first can extend the ARC/eARC signal over IP to a rack where a second unit can feed a traditional AVR from there.

        Now, your clients can enjoy streaming content via all their in-ceiling speakers connected to a DM NAX amp — and it all works brilliantly together when coupled with the Crestron Home® OS.

        Key Features of the DM-NAX-XSP

        • Surround Sound Digital Signal Processing from a DM NAX Solution — The DM-NAX-XSP is Crestron's first Surround Sound decoding DM NAX Technology digital signal processor, providing a comprehensive eARC solution.
        • HDMI/eARC/ARC Audio Video Support — With HDMI connectivity and eARC/ARC audio video support, the DM-NAX-XSP ensures compatibility with various audio and video formats, allowing for easy integration with streaming TVs.
        • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Format Support — Bring immersive audio experiences to any installation with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats, adding depth and realism to audio content.
        • Multi-Channel Audio In, Two-Channel DM NAX Downmix Out — The device offers multi-channel audio inputs and a two-channel DM NAX downmix output, allowing for flexible audio distribution throughout the home.
        • Extended eARC/ARC over IP — By linking two DM-NAX-XSP units, users can extend eARC/ARC signals over IP, enabling audio distribution to remote locations and traditional AVRs.
        • Display Control and Control Extensions — The DM-NAX-XSP provides control capabilities through HDMI CEC, RS-232, IR, and two relays, allowing for integration and control in an audio distribution setup.
        • Seamless Integration with Crestron DM NAX Amplifiers — The DM-NAX-XSP pairs with any Crestron DM NAX amplifier or preamplifier, ensuring compatibility and easy integration within an existing system.

        More Benefits

        The DM-NAX-XSP comes equipped with an array of features to enhance audio distribution. It includes 8K HDMI connectivity inputs and outputs, ARC/eARC inputs, and a DSP decoder supporting up to 16 channels in and two channels out via a DM NAX downmix. It allows the user to send multi-channel audio into an AV receiver, integrating the capabilities of DM NAX Audio-over-IP Technology and DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology. The local HDMI input means you don’t lose an input to your display by adding this device — one can connect, for example, an Apple TV® digital media extender or gaming console that feeds the display — while at the same time sending Surround Sound or a two-channel downmix onto the network. And it allows the user to hear what’s happening on a single display no matter where they are in the home: Need to grab a snack? Follow the action with a two-channel feed in the kitchen while the rest of the family enjoys Surround Sound in the family room.

        Installation of the DM-NAX-XSP is a breeze, with options for an in-room box or surface mounting. Its compact design and sleek aesthetics allow for frictionless integration into any audio distribution setup.

        With the DM-NAX-XSP Audio Return Processor, Crestron continues to push the boundaries of audio distribution technology. By seamlessly connecting streaming TVs to multi-room audio systems, this innovative solution opens up new possibilities for immersive audio experiences throughout the home. With features like eARC, ARC audio video support, and compatibility with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats, the DM-NAX-XSP delivers exceptional audio quality and versatility. As part of the DM NAX ecosystem, this device effortlessly integrates with other Crestron components, providing users with a comprehensive audio distribution solution.

        Looking to take your clients’ audio options to the next level? Upgrade their audio distribution setup with the DM-NAX-XSP — it’s one more way Crestron brings you “entertainment everywhere.”

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