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        The New Crestron 1 Beyond Cameras with Optical Zoom
        Crestron is introducing four new cameras that can bring intelligent video to your most important meeting spaces
        January 23
        By Brad Hintze, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing

        Now that many enterprises and organizations are in a state of hybrid permanence, it’s never been more important to provide every collaborator with what’s called “meeting equity.”

        Achieving true meeting equity includes a “yes” answer to this question: Can everyone see and be seen clearly, no matter if they’re meeting with their coworkers virtually or in person?

        Crestron's been at the forefront of providing solutions for the new normal of hybrid work, and there’s one thing we’ve learned about meeting equity: It’s sometimes tough to achieve in larger spaces.

        Bigger Rooms Need New Solutions

        As the pandemic first began to wane and people returned to the office, many medium and small spaces were outfitted with videoconferencing capabilities. As more and more people split their time between remote and in-person work, however, the need for true meeting equity in larger spaces has been growing.

        The challenge: Solutions that work for small to medium spaces are often inadequate for larger rooms. In executive boardrooms and similar spaces — where the length of the room often exceeds 15 feet — many cameras can’t capture clear, distinct images of those who are furthest away from the lens. If someone gets up to move about the room — perhaps called upon to join a presentation — they may be viewed in a less-than-flattering manner depending on camera placement.

        There’s a need for an automated, easy-to-use cameras that can clearly capture meeting participants — even those at maximum distance from a camera — in larger rooms where a firm’s most impactful decisions are likely being made.

        The Solution: The New Crestron 1 Beyond Cameras with Optical Zoom

        The four new offerings from Crestron include:

        Intelligent PTZ Cameras with Optical Zoom

        • With built-in AI for group framing and presenter tracking
        • Best for medium to large rooms
        • 12x optical zoom
        • Enhanced presenter tracking with group tracking and preset zones
        • Best for large and extra-large spaces
        • 20x optical zoom

        PTZ Cameras with Optical Zoom

        • Speaker tracking with Automate VX™ technology
        • Best for medium to large rooms
        • 12x optical zoom
        • Speaker tracking with Automate VX technology
        • Best for large and extra-large spaces
        • 20x optical zoom

        To meet the challenge, Crestron is introducing a new line of 1 Beyond™ cameras, each designed to perfectly capture every participant in the room — even those up to 60 feet away from the lens. By utilizing smooth, AI-directed speaker tracking and framing, these devices can offer clear close-ups and multiple angles that create a superior, broadcast-quality video image for remote participants, with intuitive functionality and a premium look and feel for those in the room.

        For larger spaces with high occupancy where you need head-on close-ups of speakers as they contribute, up to 12 1 Beyond cameras can be leveraged with the Crestron Automate VX™ voice-activated speaker tracking solution.


        The Need for Optical Zoom

        Crestron 1 Beyond cameras also rely on optical as opposed to digital zoom to bring the remote viewer a close-up of a contributor. Optical zoom occurs within the physical lens of a camera, while digital zoom “blows up” and crops an image in close-up. That process reduces the pixel density of an image, rendering it less clear — an issue that’s magnified as the distance between subject and camera increases.

        As the clarity of an image diminishes, gestures, expressions, and all the other nonverbal clues that are critical to maintaining engagement become compromised. When remote meeting attendees can’t see their colleagues properly, meeting fatigue can set in, and that can have a negative impact on productivity. In fact, research has borne out the fact that hybrid meetings can be superior to all other meeting “modes” when the proper technology is in place.

        Switch Cameras Automatically with Visual AI

        Among the many advantages of these new offerings: Deploying a multi-camera solution with Crestron 1 Beyond cameras — driven by visual AI for speaker tracking and framing — can enable you to automatically switch between two cameras in a room — one group framing everyone at the table and one tracking a presenter. By connecting the primary camera to your video conferencing system, you’re then able to have that main device output the feed of the secondary camera automatically when someone moves into the presentation area.

        Easy to Install, Easy to Deploy

        The new Crestron 1 Beyond Cameras:
        • Offer intuitive set-up with updated 1 Beyond Camera Manager software
        • Connect with standard USB, HDMI® connectivity, and SDI outputs (with NDI®|HX driver available on the i20, p12, and p20 models)
        • Make mounting simple with a patent-pending universal mount that works in wall upright, wall inverted, wall stacked, and ceiling inverted configurations
        • Include a highly visible lightbar display status for easy setup and privacy assurance
        • Comply with local standards in every region Crestron covers across the globe

        Maximum Flexibility

        The new Crestron 1 Beyond cameras integrate seamlessly with Crestron Flex solutions, allowing the user to join Zoom Rooms® or Microsoft Teams meetings with a single touch. The cameras can be deployed as standalone devices or as part of a larger room solution — whatever you need for a given space.

        The new Crestron 1 Beyond cameras are the latest solutions in our growing portfolio of hybrid work solutions — and can really help your high-impact, high-value meeting spaces reach their maximum potential for collaboration and connectivity. Technology that allows your team the ability to see and be seen, hear and be heard, all with the ease of control and connectivity Crestron is known for, is the key to meeting equity — and maximum productivity.

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