Introducing the Crestron Videobar 70
        A true collaboration bar built for medium and large rooms
        January 30
        By Brad Hintze, EVP of Global Marketing

        It’s the epiphany that comes with hybrid work: Every square inch of a building is now a potential collaboration space. From large conference rooms to small huddle niches, they’ll all likely need to accommodate some blend of in-person and remote workers.

        That’s why an organization needs a blend of flexible solutions. And those solutions work best when they’re part of a larger ecosystem — not cobbled together from multiple manufacturers. As Crestron surveyed our offerings, gathered input from our customers and dealer network, and studied the evolution of the hybrid workplace, it became clear that a new collaboration bar was needed — a solution for larger spaces that could be deployed at scale with minimal infrastructure.

        Introducing the Crestron Videobar 70

        The Crestron Videobar 70 all-in-one collaboration bar is designed to provide a premium audiovisual experience for medium to large meeting rooms. Vuilt to deliver premium audio and images — to both in-person and remote collaborators — this elegant Android™ OS appliance is built to provide a best-in-class meeting experience for a variety of platforms.

        Driven by the latest Qualcomm® chipset, the Videobar 70 provides massive computer power — and that technology ensures this collaboration will support future innovations and feature sets without replacing any hardware.

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        A Collaboration Bar That’s Packed with Features

        The Crestron Videobar 70 has a truly robust array of features, including:
        • Crestron’s superior intelligent video technology, an AI-driven camera switching system that delivers a great video experience, including speaker framing, group framing, and picture-in-picture.
        • Four high-quality cameras (one wide-angle supported by three narrow field-of-view lenses) tap into the AI algorithm to crop for the best image, ensuring that remote participants can clearly see every in-person collaborator in the room.
        • A 30-foot range that provides a clear view of even those furthest from the cameras — giving virtual meeting attendees all the nonverbal info they need to keep remote collaborators engaged.
        • A picture-in-picture display feature that shows multiple views of the meeting space to add context and provide an intelligent, immersive experience.
        • No less than 24 beamforming microphones built into the bar that accurately and automatically key on a speaker’s distance and direction for precise speaker tracking.
        • A linear arrangement of those mics, providing better noise-reduction than other array designs and increased speech perception.
        • A built-in privacy screen that automatically covers the camera array when the bar is out of a call, providing peace of mind for in-person attendees when they don’t need a videoconferencing component.
        • Terrific stereo sound, free of distortion, that provides unmatched clarity and quality of dialog (or any audio) for everything from remote contributions to content presentations.
        • Intuitive controls delivered via the included 10.1 in. tabletop touch screen.
        • Support for up to three displays.
        • Support for additional cameras.
        • Thoughtfully designed mounting options that ensure quick setup and easy accessibility to the back of the device for speedy connections. ADA-compliant mounting hardware is also available.
        • All the cables you need for connectivity, and a PoE injector, too.
        • Native Microsoft Teams® and Zoom® software integration.
        • Native XiO Cloud® platform integration — making it easy to push firmware or updates to multiple rooms at once and manage all your Crestron equipment on a single platform.

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        Speed and Scale: Setup is Easy Across Your Entire Enterprise

        The Crestron Videobar 70 is the realization of a simple idea: Create a true collaboration bar for larger spaces that’s incredibly easy to deploy — even at scale. Just power the device, connect to the network, plug in up to three displays, and you’re ready to meet. A single cable connects to an elegant interface panel for one-touch collaboration and intuitive controls. Since it’s already integrated with Crestron’s XiO Cloud platform, it’s a snap to manage and set up many devices across your entire enterprise, no matter the size.

        The bar is instantly compatible with Microsoft Teams® Rooms and Zoom Rooms® certified meeting room solutions, and it’s a snap to manage Zoom Rooms software through Zoom Device Management (ZDM) and Microsoft Teams Rooms with the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal (MTR Pro). Add the simplicity of the Android™ OS to the mix, and you’ve got a device that’s ready to go right out of the box.

        The Crestron Videobar 70 is yet another addition to the Crestron Flex ecosystem — a suite of products and services built to provide customers with the most choices to deploy solutions across any enterprise that relies on hybrid work. In fact, Crestron is the only hybrid meeting vendor with the product line to support any size room in your organization completely. Learn more.

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        Crestron Videobar 70 — All-in-one video collaboration bar for medium and large rooms.

        Create premium hybrid meeting experiences with Videobar 70 — an all-in-one device packed with powerful built-in audio and intelligent video capabilities from four high resolution cameras, plus Android™ OS for easy deployment.

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