Crestron, simply put, gets a lot of press. That’s been especially true over the first half of 2022, with the acquisition of 1 Beyond’s AI camera technology and the subsequent development of the Sightline Experience, to name two. But Crestron’s team of tech experts is often called upon to contribute to trade journals and mainstream publications alike in a manner that tends to be more “brand agnostic” than news about new products. That’s a huge win — any time your people are called upon as thought leaders in a field, your company’s doing the right thing.

        Here are a few samples from the dozens of articles that dropped in the second quarter of this year:

        Crestron’s Michael DiBella — who’s been heavily involved in creating content regarding the growing esports segment — was asked to weigh in on that very topic for AV Nation. The article’s focus is a distillation of the recent eBook Crestron released on the subject: Esports applications utilize technologies nearly every dealer is already familiar with.

        Toine C. Lereentveld, our director of product management (cloud and controls), lent his expertise and byline to this comprehensive beginner’s guide to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in Systems Contractor News, which is part of the AV Network family of pubs.

        Crestron also appeared in a recent edition of the Seattle Times with this piece aimed at the general public, 7 Misconceptions About Smart Home Technology. (Myth busting is always welcome in the tech universe.)

        Jason Oster, Crestron’s director of product management (residential solutions), spoke at length regarding Crestron-specific solutions to integrating human-centric circadian lighting into home projects in this piece for Residential Tech Today.

        Crestron’s SMEs have become regulars for AV Magazine, one of EMEA’s leading trades. The article Surging Back to Business featured a quote from Mike DiBella (and a lovely shot of the lobby of Blue Foundry Bank, with spaces loaded with Crestron tech driving the hybrid work experience). At the same time, Crestron’s Lauren Simmen spoke about the rise of AI camera solutions in this piece, Power to the People.

        The contributions to industry thought leadership extends to the C-Suite, too: CEO Dan Feldstein has seen two articles hit the pages of Forbes this year. Most recently, he weighed in on the over-arching message spoken of in more granular terms by Dibella and Simmen, namely, Three Key Elements for Creating The Right In-Office Collaborative Experience.

        Watch this space for more updates on Crestron’s contributions to the knowledge base of the tech industry. Our people have a lot of thoughts to share.

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