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        Last Updated:  17 April 2024

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        1.   Scope

        1.1   This limited warranty is issued by Crestron Electronics, Inc. together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, excluding Crestron Europe BV, (collectively, “Crestron”), and applies in the country and territory where Crestron products (“Products”) are distributed by Crestron, and only to such Products purchased by or on behalf of the original end-customer (“Customer”) directly from Crestron, an authorized Crestron dealer, or other reseller authorized by Crestron (collectively, “Authorized Reseller”).  This warranty shall not extend to subsequent owners or be transferred or assigned.

        1.2   This warranty is a limited warranty and gives you specific legal rights.  You may also have additional rights under applicable law, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and this limited warranty does not affect such rights.  Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitation or exclusion under this limited warranty may not apply to you.

        1.3   Batteries and lamps are not warranted by Crestron under this or any other warranty.

        1.4   Customer acknowledges and agrees that use of the Product constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of this warranty.

        2.   Limited Warranty

        2.1   Subject to the exclusions and restrictions in this warranty, Crestron warrants that if any Product is found to exhibit defects in material or workmanship under normal use within three (3) years from the date of Crestron’s shipment of the Product, or if any motor or other moving or rotating mechanical part is found to exhibit defects in material or workmanship under normal use within one (1) year from the date of Crestron’s shipment of the Product, Crestron will, at its sole discretion, either: (a) provide a replacement product; (b) repair the defective Product; or (c) issue a credit against the purchase price of a comparable replacement product purchased from an Authorized Reseller; provided that Customer promptly notifies Crestron of the defect via an Authorized Reseller and arranges for the return of the defective Product.

        2.2   Any Product that has been replaced or repaired may be, in whole or in part, new, used, repaired, reconditioned, refurbished, and/or made by a different manufacturer.  The warranty period for any replaced or repaired Product shall be limited to the unexpired portion of the warranty on the originally purchased Product.

        2.3   Certain Products include operational software and firmware (collectively, the “Software”).  Subject to the provisions of Section 2.1 above, such Software is governed by the Crestron Software End-User License Agreement, which can be found at:

        3.   Terms and Conditions of Limited Warranty

        3.1   Customers should inquire of the Authorized Reseller, from whom they purchased the Product, regarding the nature and extent of that Authorized Reseller’s warranty, if any.  Crestron, however, shall not be responsible for any such Authorized Reseller’s warranty.  This warranty does not cover, and Crestron is not responsible for labor costs to diagnose, remove, repair, replace, reinstall, and/or program any Product.

        3.2   This warranty shall be null and void, and Crestron shall have no liability under the terms of this warranty, if the Product has been used in an application or environment other than that for which it was intended, or if the damage to the Product resulted from normal wear and tear or was caused by misuse, abuse, accidental or intentional damage, modification, alteration, disassembly, improper repair or installation, abnormal stress or operating conditions, or adverse environmental factors, including, but not limited to: exposure to the elements (such as sun, wind, water, moisture, humidity, or salt), discoloration, fading, or deterioration over time; operation outside of indicated electrical values or use of incorrect line voltages, improper wiring, improperly rated fuses or circuit breakers; improper or insufficient ventilation or incorrect temperatures; failure to maintain equipment under the specified temperature limits; use of incompatible devices, accessories, or cables not approved by Crestron; failure to install, repair, maintain, or operate the Product pursuant to the operating instructions or technical information provided by Crestron; failure to comply with the provisions of applicable electrical or other building codes, safety standards, regulations, or laws; or other events beyond Crestron’s control, such as, but not limited to, acts of the Authorized Reseller, Customer, end user, or another third party, or an act of God.  This warranty does not cover any Product that has had the serial number altered, defaced, or removed.

        3.3   THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY TO CUSTOMER.  IN NO EVENT SHALL CRESTRON BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND (PROPERTY OR ECONOMIC DAMAGES INCLUSIVE) ARISING FROM THE SALE OR USE OF THE PRODUCT, THIS WARRANTY, OR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY.  CUSTOMER ASSUMES, AND WILL HOLD CRESTRON HARMLESS, WITH RESPECT TO ALL SUCH LOSSES.  Crestron’s liability on any claim for damages arising out of or in connection with this warranty or the manufacture, sale, installation, delivery, use, repair, or replacement of the Product shall never exceed the purchase price of the Product.  Crestron is not liable for any claim made by a third party or made by Customer for a third party.

        3.4   Further, Crestron shall have no liability for any claims of infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property for the following: (a) to the extent the claims relate to the use of the Product in combination with any third party product; (b) if the Product was modified by anyone other than Crestron; (c) for the use or sale of the Product other than as specified and authorized in Crestron’s documentation; or (d) for the use or sale of any version of Crestron software other than the most current version.


        3.6   This warranty supersedes any and all previous warranties and Crestron’s obligations under any implied warranties shall be limited to the terms of this express warranty.  Crestron reserves the right to amend this warranty from time to time.  However, to the extent that any amended warranty materially changes Crestron’s warranty obligations, such amendments will not apply to Product orders already placed and accepted by Crestron.

        4.   To Make a Warranty Claim

        4.1   To make a warranty claim, promptly notify Crestron by contacting the Customer Support Center at or visit our website at to obtain additional local contact information.  You may also contact your Authorized Reseller.  Crestron, in its sole discretion, will determine what action, if any, is required under this warranty.  No Products may be returned for credit, exchange, repair, or replacement without prior written authorization from Crestron.  If your products are authorized for return, Crestron or your Authorized Reseller will provide further instruction regarding the Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) process.  Products may not be returned without an RMA number.  The claimed defects are subject to validation by Crestron technical support personnel.  Shipping charges may apply.

        4.2   Most problems can be corrected over the phone through close cooperation between Customer, Authorized Reseller, and the Crestron Customer Support Center.  To better enable Crestron to address a warranty claim, please have the Product’s serial and model numbers as well as its current operating system version, if applicable.  If Crestron, in its sole discretion, determines that an on-site visit or other remedial action is necessary, Crestron may assist the Customer in coordinating such action with an Authorized Reseller.

        5.   Disclaimer Regarding Third Party Add-on Content

        From time to time and for various product offerings, Crestron may make available various third party software services (“Add-on Content”) including, but not limited to, Internet weather and radio services and the like.  Crestron may add or delete available Add-on Content at its sole discretion, without notice.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, Crestron (on behalf of itself, its affiliates, licensors, and suppliers) expressly disclaims any and all warranties with respect to the Add-on Content.  Additionally, Crestron makes no warranty that: (a) the Add-on Content will meet your requirements; (b) the Add-on Content will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free; (c) the results from the use of the Add-on Content will be effective, accurate, or reliable; or (d) the quality of the Add-on Content will meet your expectations.

        6.   Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

        6.1   This warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey, United States of America, without regards to conflict of laws principles.  The United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods shall not apply.  If any portion hereof is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the warranty shall remain in full force and effect.

        6.2   In the event of any dispute arising between the parties in connection with or relating to this warranty, the parties agree that such dispute shall be resolved amicably, if possible.

        6.3   Failing an amicable resolution, disputes shall be brought as follows:

           (a)   For disputes regarding products distributed by Crestron Electronics, Inc., those disputes shall be brought before the US Federal District Court, District of New Jersey or Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen Civil Division;

           (b)   For disputes regarding products distributed by Crestron ANZ Pty. Ltd., those disputes shall be brought before the courts of New South Wales (Australia); and

           (c)   For disputes regarding products distributed by Crestron Singapore Pte. Ltd., those disputes shall be brought before the Singapore Courts.

        7.   Contact Crestron

        If you have any questions or concerns regarding a Crestron product or this warranty, please contact Crestron at any of the following.

        Via e-mail:

        Via post:

        The Americas:
        Crestron Electronics, Inc.
        15 Volvo Drive
        Rockleigh, NJ 07647 USA

        Australia and New Zealand:
        Crestron ANZ Pty. Ltd.
        Level 5, 15 Help Street
        Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

        Crestron Singapore Pte. Ltd.
        30 Cecil Street
        #21-05, Prudential Tower
        Singapore 049712

        Via phone:
        Please visit to find the phone number for Crestron support in your region.


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