Effective Date: 01 January 2021

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        1.  Scope

        Crestron Flex Care (the “Plan”) is an automatically renewing subscription support plan, offered by Crestron Electronics, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (together “Crestron”), for purchase through Authorized Resellers in the United States, Canada, and select regions in Europe,  in connection with the purchase of Crestron Flex conference systems (the “Eligible Products”).  The complete list of Eligible Products can be found at

        2.  Benefits

        The benefits below are available throughout the subscription period for which Plan coverage for Eligible Products has been purchased:

        2.1  Five Year Extended Limited Warranty.
        The Plan extends the warranty coverage period from three (3) years to five (5) years for all Crestron-branded components of the Eligible Products.  The Crestron Standard Limited Warranty, located at, applies to all third-party branded components, including without limitation  the UC-Engine and standalone cameras, included in the Eligible Products.

        2.2  Advance Replacements.
        The Plan provides for Advance Replacements for all components of the Eligible Products for the entire length of the applicable warranty period for that component.

        2.3  Extended Remote Support Hours.
        The Plan provides for extended remote support hours, offering coverage 24 hours a day / 7 days per week for Eligible Products.

        2.4  Reduced Rate On-Site Support.
        The Plan provides for a 25% discount off Crestron’s standard daily fee for On-Site Support visits for Eligible Products, subject to the terms of Crestron’s On-Site Support program.  On-Site Support requires the engagement of an independent Crestron authorized Dealer. To locate a Dealer click the “How to Buy” tab at

        3.  Plan Details

        3.1  The Plan  may be ordered either (a) at the time an Eligible Product in ordered (“Initial Purchase”), or (b) may be ordered at a subsequent date within three (3) years from the order of an Eligible Product (“Subsequent Purchase”).

        3.2  The Plan automatically renews annually,  providing coverage for up to five (5) years from the purchase of the Eligible Product, unless cancelled or terminated as described below. Upon cancellation or termination of the Plan, all Plan benefits will expire.  All Plans will expire at the latest five (5) years following the purchase of the Eligible Product.

        3.3  Each Plan purchased is applicable to the specific Eligible Product for which it is ordered and may not be transferred to any other Eligible Product.

        3.4  All Plans are effective thirty (30) days after purchase (the “Subscription Start Date”), and the initial year of Plan coverage will be invoiced at the time of purchase. Access to the above benefits will be made available immediately upon purchase for Initial Purchase Plans only.

        3.5  Initial Purchase Plans provide for a 90-day no-risk trial period, commencing at the Subscription Start Date, during which the Plan can be cancelled with no obligation, at no cost, by sending written notification to Crestron at (the “Trial Period”).

        3.6 Subsequent years of coverage under the Plan will be automatically invoiced annually on a recurring basis on the anniversary of the Subscription Start Date of the Plan.   

        3.7  Subsequent years of  coverage may be cancelled by sending written notification to Crestron at, at least thirty (30) days prior to the anniversary of the Subscription Start Date of the Plan.

        3.8  Subsequent Purchase Plans will be invoiced at the annual rate, even if the coverage period is shorter. Crestron will not offer pro-rated Plans for purchase.

        3.9  The Plan will terminate in the event that an invoice for coverage is not paid when due.

        3.10  Crestron, at its sole discretion, may decline to offer the Plan to customers who have previously cancelled their coverage outside of the Trial Period.

        3.11  Crestron reserves the right to amend or modify the Plan offerings from time to time.  However, to the extent that any such modification materially reduces the Plan benefits, Crestron will provide thirty (30) days written notice of such modifications, and affected purchasers may cancel subsequent years of coverage within thirty (30) days of such notice. Any such modifications  will not apply to coverage already paid for under the Plan.

        3.12  The Plan does not provide for system programming, integration, or commissioning; or support for issues resulting from services, hardware, or software, whether Crestron or Third-Party, other than the Eligible Products for which the Plan has been purchased.

        3.13 Except as otherwise described above, all provisions of Crestron’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Standard Limited Warranty, both available at, ( and at for Europe) continue to apply to the Crestron Flex Care Plan and the Eligible Products.


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