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        Smarter Spaces Magazine

        Inspirational stories of spectacular technology

        The technology we introduce into our homes should act like connective tissue, providing structure to and supporting the elements that surround us; whether that is to create a relaxing atmosphere after a long day at the office, highlight cherished art collections, set the perfect mood for a night of entertaining, or simply to keep us safer and healthier. Homeowners want an intelligent home that works in an orchestrated and simplified way, with the ability to control it naturally and effortlessly.  

        In Crestron’s inaugural issue of Smarter Spaces, we take you inside three spectacular smart properties; an 11,000-square-foot mansion with a twin property built for the virtual world; a game-day sanctuary that will truly “ring your bell,” and a contemporary residence in the Rockies that is equal parts lively and sophisticated – all of them teeming with tech that enhances the lives of those who dwell there.