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        One million and counting
        All the possibilities of DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology. Endlessly inspired by you.

        Enrichment. Entertainment. Innovation. Exploration. Our partners have found nearly a million ways to use DM NVX technology for instant communication and collaboration. That’s millions of ideas, experiences, visions, and missions shared flawlessly — with many more to come.

        Let your moments reach further. In real-time.

        The DM NVX platform brings together video, audio, USB, and control in a single platform for maximum scalability and flexibility. Trusted everywhere, from college campuses to secure government facilities, it works at lightspeed while keeping sensitive data locked down.

        Sharing content is critical to productive environments. From multiple displays to digital signage and video walls, DM NVX perfectly delivers real-time media distribution to any screen, anywhere, in no time.

        With its unlimited reach and real-time capabilities, DM NVX technology has brought millions of moments on display. Explore a few of them here, and imagine what it can do for yours.

        DM NVX success stories

        The university that made instant content sharing an institution. The Fortune 500® company that built a foundation on collaboration. The esports arena that left lag behind. The stories are as endless as the possibilities. See how DM NVX inspired them all.

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        UNC Greensboro

        UNC Greensboro (UNCG) is a public university with more than 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students. As the most diverse campus in the NC state system, UNCG inspires its students to begin their path toward a bright future, offering over 67 majors and holding student success as a top priority.

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        Mangusta Oceano 50.2

        DM NVX helps this luxury yacht travel the world in style, distributing traditional satellite TV, yacht navigation systems, and a multiscreen video feed from the CCTV system.

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        Hotel Bania Thermal & Ski

        Easy-to-use, flexible, and low maintenance DM NVX brought maximum functionality and visibility to one of Poland’s most prestigious hotels.

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        The Huaku Sky Garden

        In this Taiwanese architectural achievement, home is the focus of life. And DM NVX gives homeowners instantaneous control over every aspect of theirs.

        Crestron DM NVX Technology Awards

        Share your one-in-a-million project for a chance to win.

        There’s an achievement behind every pixel and possibility powered by DM NVX technology — and yours could earn a 2024 Crestron DM NVX Technology Award. Winners will have their projects turned into case studies and featured as DM NVX technology success stories.

        Find your place in history

        The people that turned concepts into reality. The projects that brought DM NVX AV-over-IP to life. The technology that made it all possible. Join us in celebrating the millions that got us here — just enter your serial number to see how you've made your mark.

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        You left your mark on millions of moments. With millions more to come.

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        Learn more about DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology.

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        DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology

        Media distribution for every captivating detail and nearly every destination.

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