About Crestron

        Crestron is a global leader in the innovation and manufacturing of advanced control and automation systems. For over 50 years, we've transformed corporate automation and UC solutions for enterprise organizations across Fortune 500 companies, campuses, facilities, and more. In addition, we offer premium home automation solutions to residential properties including homes, yachts, MDUs, and hotels.

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        Workplace technology

        Crestron Digital Workplace solutions are designed to make hybrid work, work for everyone–seamlessly connecting people to the right spaces with the right technology for greater engagement. Crestron offers the most robust set of solutions for spaces of all sizes and types.

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        Smart home solutions

        The Crestron Home® OS makes the complex simple. Whatever you want, wherever you are, it’s a tap. Lights, shades, movies, music–it all simply works the way you want it to.

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        Content distribution

        Whether you’re looking to display, present, or engage Crestron DigitalMedia® solutions ensure you can send any content anywhere to do anything you want. Crestron DM solutions are designed to deliver the highest quality audio and video, support all types of signals and devices, and scale with your needs. All securely and with the highest integrity.


        Crestron is a global leader in workplace technologies, engineering and transforming corporate automation and unified communication (UC) solutions for enterprise organizations across Fortune 500 corporations, campuses, facilities, and more, as well as a premium home automation provider who creates platforms, devices, and systems across residential properties including homes, yachts, MDUs, and hotels.

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        Crestron Flex Video Conferencing

        Crestron Flex Video Conferencing makes it easy for a dispersed workforce to come together. Easy to use. Simple to deploy.

        Crestron Home

        With Crestron, everything in the home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Your home becomes more secure, comfortable, and convenient.


        One platform answers every communication need. Presentation. Content sharing. Digital Signage. Corporate messaging. And more.

        With Crestron we’re not just purchasing enterprise-grade products, but also investing in world class training, dedicated service, and support.
        Thomas Geblein
        Solution Architect Digital Enablement, Rich Solutions

        Why Crestron?

        Crestron Electronics has carved the path for technological innovation since 1972.
        The Crestron Advantage

        Breadth of solutions. Spanning both commercial and residential, Crestron offers the broadest array of solutions for any space, any application, anywhere.


        Crestron solutions are made to meet your needs today and evolve with what you’ll need in the future.


        Crestron products are engineered to meet enterprise grade reliability and security standards.


        Providing best in class service and support in the industry has always been at the core of our business and our top priority. 24/7

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