Collaborating to make a better world. And workplace.

        True success must be larger, more inclusive than simply our own success. That's always been Crestron's belief. Support for breakthrough vision care in the developing world, a rededication to sustainability, and hybrid, family-sensitive work schedules are just a few examples of that commitment.

        In fact, throughout our far-flung business Crestron is joining customers and partners to make a better today, and tomorrow, for all of us.

        Reducing impact. Increasing possibilities. Crestron innovation at work.

        Our packaging is full of great ideas, in addition to our products. Whenever possible, we’re moving away from single-use plastics, instead using corn and other sustainable materials. Crestron packaging is designed to be as small as possible. In every instance, the goal is a smaller environmental footprint. We’ve also embraced a Supply Chain Code of Conduct that ensures we follow regulations aimed at reducing air, noise, and water pollution. Further, Crestron expects its suppliers to comply with the same Code of Conduct.

        These are just a few strategies for nurturing the environment. For example, Crestron’s commitment to using recyclable materials is matched by innovations that make our products easier to recycle. Our products are subjected to some of the industry’s most rigorous testing — meaning, they perform for a long, long time, reducing the need to manufacturer replacements, further lessening our impact on the planet.

        Crestron is also making private homes part of the sustainability solution. Our home integration and control technologies create intelligent dwellings that, among other things, make the most of natural light and heat, for greater fuel efficiency.

        Giving Back.
        We take it personally.

        Crestron Eagles Program

        The effort often begins with a member of the Crestron family raising their hand, and heart. Take the emotional well-being of wounded veterans. When leadership in Crestron’s government sales division mentioned to our founder, George Feldstein, that military hospital recreation rooms were often lacking, the Crestron Eagles Program was born. Today, veterans and their families in facilities across the state, enjoy state-of-the-art home theater systems donated by Crestron.

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        Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

        Crestron’s long-running technical support of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital® medical services fleet is just as personal and passionate. Functioning as both medical and educational facilities, this airborne fleet fights blindness in the developing world.

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        Lastly, ongoing support for organizations like the NJIT Society of Women Engineers and Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey are two more examples of Crestron’s very real passion for diversity, equity and inclusion.

        A commitment to the Crestron community

        Reflecting the customers we serve.

        At Crestron Electronics, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion drive innovation. Crestron’s success hinges on continuing to build a workforce of unique individuals whose passion inspires us to create and revolutionize industry-leading products and services. There will always be more to accomplish, and at Crestron, we believe the best way forward is together.

        Supporting those who support us.

        Helping others succeed professionally is another critical component of Crestron CSR. Today, the Crestron Technical Institute and Crestron Masters program set the standard for professional education in our industry.

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        Download our topline Crestron Corporate and Social Responsibility Fact sheet to answer questions your clients may have.

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