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Certification Program

Crestron Certified Programmer Becoming a Crestron Certified Programmer offers you more than just bragging rights around your co-workers. Certification entitles you and your company to the following benefits:

  • Coupon for $350 toward any Crestron product
  • Access to Beta Test Site for all new Crestron Software
  • "Crestron Certified" Shirt
  • Authorization to use the "Crestron Certified Programmer" logo on your business cards and company Website
  • Enables you to meet bid specifications that require Crestron Certified Programmers
  • Invitation to the annual Masters Class
The Road to Certification - You're just a few steps away!


Complete "Crestron 101" and "Toolbox" Online Training


Attend and complete "CTI-P101 Foundations of Crestron Programming" or "Essentials of Crestron Programming" (Prior to 2013)


Attend and complete "CTI-P201 Core Systems Programming" or "Intermediate Crestron Programming" (Prior to 2013)


Attend and complete "Smart Graphics Training (CTI-SG)"


Attend and complete "Crestron Fusion Programmer (CTI-FUSION-P)"


Attend and complete "CTI-P301 Advanced Programming Skills" or "Programming for Certification" (Prior to 2013)


Complete the take home Certification Exam


Congratulations you are Certified.

Direct all questions regarding certification to certification@crestron.com or call (800) 237-2041 x10353.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Master Programmer Certification Levels

A Crestron certified programmer holds the highest respect in the industry, due to the rigorous training, extensive experience, and stringent testing required before achieving "Crestron Certified" status. In order to help Crestron certified programmers stay up-to-date, each year CTI offers exclusive and specialized "Masters Classes" that are invitation-only to Crestron certified programmers.

Masters Classes are an invaluable opportunity for programmers to train on the latest Crestron software and hardware, while networking and sharing knowledge with other programmers.

Those who attend three annual Masters Classes receive a "Silver" designation after passing an initial exam. Attending three additional Masters Classes and then passing an additional exam elevates certification status to "Gold". The highest level, "Platinum," is achieved by attending three additional classes and successfully passing a final exam. These certification levels denote our top programmers who are exceptionally dedicated to staying current with the latest technology from Crestron and providing the best possible service to their customers.

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