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Isys i/O® Handheld WiFi Touchpanel

  • Stylish and ergonomic handheld design
  • 3.5" active matrix touchscreen display | 240 x 320 resolution
  • 16-bit Isys i/O graphics | Synapse image rendering algorithm

This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

For a replacement, see TPMC-4XG.

The TPMC-4X Handheld WiFi Touchpanel puts a high-performance 2-way wireless video touchpanel in a sleek, stylish handheld package, delivering a whole new level of control in the palm of your hand. Featuring Wi-Fi wireless communications, the TPMC-4X lends itself to a host of applications throughout any connected home, office, or university campus.

Handheld Touchpanel Control
Far more than a mere universal remote, the TPMC-4X is ingeniously designed to provide a powerful wireless control solution that's easy to hold and intuitive to use. True Crestron touchpanel versatility is afforded through a 3.5" active-matrix color touchscreen display, producing stunning 16-bit graphics with 3D effects, high-res images, dynamic graphics and text, PNG translucency and animation. A stylus is even included for use with the on-screen keyboard, conveniently stowed in its own storage slot.

Wi-Fi Wireless
Integrated 802.11b Wi-Fi technology delivers secure, high-speed 2-way wireless performance, communicating with Crestron control systems, computers, and media servers via a wireless Ethernet access point. Fully bidirectional behavior means the TPMC-4X is perfect for searching through tracks and titles on your music server complete with the dynamic display of cover art graphics. Of course, true-feedback is afforded for every connected device be it audio, video, satellite radio, lighting, security, or climate control.

Wireless Video
Viewing security cameras and other video sources is possible right on the touchscreen. The TPMC-4X includes built-in support for wireless streaming video from a variety of 3rd-party Web cameras and servers using the motion-JPEG format.

Backlit Hard Buttons
To complement its touchpanel with tactile pushbutton control, the TPMC-4X includes a 5-way thumbpad controller, side-mounted toggle wheel, and 13 additional pushbuttons. Every button is fully programmable to support quick access to functions ranging from simple volume adjustment and channel selection to on-screen menu navigation or even pan/tilt camera control. Adjustable button backlighting provides a striking appearance while facilitating operation in a darkened home theater or boardroom.

Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
A fast-charging Lithium Ion battery pack provides long-lasting wireless operation without the "memory" issues typical of other rechargeable batteries. Adjustable standby helps preserve battery life, and the included docking station provides charging convenience with an elegant appearance.

Key Features

  • Stylish and ergonomic handheld design
  • 3.5" active matrix touchscreen display | 240 x 320 resolution
  • 16-bit Isys i/O graphics | Synapse image rendering algorithm
  • Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi 2-way wireless communications
  • Motion-JPEG wireless video support
  • Backlit hard buttons, thumbpad, and toggle wheel
  • Includes stylus with onboard storage slot
  • Includes docking station and Li-Ion battery pack


2006 Sound & Vision Editor

TPMC-4X - Multi-Room Remote Control

EHX selected the Crestron TPMC-4X as the best Multi-Room Remote Control for the 2006 Multi-Room Audio/Video (MRAV) Awards, sponsored by CEA. The fifth annual program honored products displaying exceptional innovation, functionality, and value.


Last Updated: Apr 9, 2009


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