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V-Cable Siamese Cables

Lightweight, flexible cables for V-Panel™ Integrated touchpanels (TPMC-V Series).

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Crestron® V-Cable Siamese Cables provide clean, flexible connectivity for the TPMC-V12 and TPMC-V15 V-Panel™ Integrated Touchpanels. Available in 3, 6, 9, and 15 feet lengths, V-Cables provide an unobtrusive solution for connecting the V-Panel to a wall plate or running across a desktop. They are offered in the choice of black or white to match the V-Panel and blend with the surrounding décor. Their durable yet flexible construction allows V-Cables to fit neatly inside the base of a tilt model V-Panel, or dress cleanly behind a VESA-mounted V-Panel.

The TPMC-V12 and TPMC-V15 model V-Panel Integrated Touchpanels are each furnished with one 3 ft V-Cable included, while TPMC-V12-TILT and TPMC-V15-TILT models include one 6 ft V-Cable each. Other lengths may be purchased for use with any model from the TPMC-V series.

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2010


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