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DigitalMedia™ Cable, non-plenum

High-performance, single-cable wiring solution for DigitalMedia systems.


Crestron DM-CBL-NP cable provides a high-performance, single-cable wiring solution for DigitalMedia (DM) systems. Within a single jacket, DM-CBL-NP contains one high-bandwidth/low-crosstalk shielded 4-twisted pair (STP) cable, one CAT5e unshielded 4-twisted pair (UTP) cable, and one DMNet cable.

The STP "Video Data" cable, which connects to the 'D' port of a DigitalMedia device, is of a specialized construction designed to allow the longest possible cable lengths[1] for transporting high-definition digital video and audio. The Cat5e "Data Management" cable, which connects to the 'M' port, carries high-speed Ethernet and other data, plus 5V DC power. Finally, the DMNet cable carries additional proprietary control signals and 24V DC power.

Wiring a DigitalMedia system using DM-CBL-NP is simple, requiring just one cable to be run to each DM receiver (i.e. Room Controller) and transmitter location[1]. Foot markers are printed on the outer jacket making it easy to determine the exact length of each cable run when commissioning the installed system.

Termination of a DM cable is accomplished using one standard RJ45 (not provided) for 'M', one detachable terminal block (provided with each DM device) for DMNet, and one Crestron DM-CONN shielded RJ45 (sold separately) for 'D'. The DM-CONN connector enables fast and reliable termination of the shielded twisted-pair cable without requiring any special tools.

For plenum applications, use DM-CBL-P.


  1. The maximum allowable cable length depends on multiple factors. One or more DM Repeaters (Model DM-DR) may be required. Refer to the Crestron DigitalMedia Design Guide, Doc. #4789 for complete wiring guidelines.

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2010


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