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Capture HD® High-Definition Capture Recorder

Provides a very simple and cost-effective solution for capturing lectures, presentations, medical procedures, seminars, and training sessions in high-definition 1080p. Use standalone or as part of a complete CaptureLiveHD® system.


CaptureLiveHD Tab in Fusion RV

Date Added: Jul 24, 2012
Run Time: 1:26
Download Resolution: 1920x1080

Quick tour which shows how content recorded with the CAPTURE-HD appears within Fusion RV, how administrators can approve ad-hoc recordings, and how to make changes to encoding and publishing settings.

Download (MP4 - 47.81M)
CaptureLiveHD Infomercial

Date Added: Jul 23, 2012
Run Time: 1:22
Download Resolution: 1920x1080

Learn more about CaptureLiveHD

Download (MP4 - 63.46M)
InfoComm 2012: Crestron FreeSpeech Mic Pairs Perfectly with Capture HD

Date Added: Jun 22, 2012
Run Time: 0:30

Learn about the advantages of using Crestron FreeSpeech microphones with Capture HD solutions.

InfoComm 2012: Crestron Capture HD

Date Added: Jun 22, 2012
Run Time: 1:45

Learn about the CAPTURE-HD from the InfoComm 2012 show floor!

Crestron Lecture Capture HD

Date Added: Jul 14, 2011
Run Time: 2:48

Introducing the revolutionary Crestron Capture HD lecture capture system--an easy one-touch capture solution that records both people and content and automatically uploads and distributes for viewing by students, employees and more. See what all the hype's about!


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CAPTURE-HD: Rear, Head On

Print Size: 8.0" x 0.78" @ 300dpi

Download: BMP (991 K) | EPS (2.52 M)

CAPTURE-HD: Comp w/Camera & Touch Screen

Print Size: 8.0" x 3.27" @ 300dpi
Notes: CAPTURE-HD shown with CAM-IPTZ-100 camera and CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM touch screen

Download: BMP (1.9 M) | EPS (4.65 M)


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